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HD DSLR Meetup in New York!


Had a great time hangin’ out with Philip Bloom at The Great HD DSLR Meetup in the east coast, the New York Edition. It was a great experience for both Jehu and I coming out and meeting a ton of DSLR Shooters in the middle of Time Square. We hopped on a plane on Wednesday, [...]

NAB Interview w/ Jared Abrams


Thomas Roberts talks to Jared Abrams about attending NAB and why it’s a good idea to attend. He’s excited about the new Redrock wireless follow focus, and he talks about his involvement with Cinema5D. He also offers advice as an experienced camera assistant for many years. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

NAB Interview w/ Joeseph Stunzi


Thomas Roberts talks to Joseph Stunzi about why everyone should attend NAB. He talks about some of his current projects like writing for and his non-profit organization IENSE which focuses on teaching students all about filmmaking. As you can see Joe has a lot of projects going on. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

NAB Interview w/ Jehu Garcia


Thomas Roberts interviews founder of Jehu Garcia and talks about the New Jag35 Products, including the new DSLR Cage, which is very compact and affordable and will allow you to securely mount all your accessories to your DSLR camera. This affordable cage starts at $149 for the basic Cage, and full kits will be [...]

NAB Interview w/ Tom Guilmette


Thomas Roberts got a chance to talk to Tom Guilmette from the NAB 2010 show floor. He talks about the new Vinten Pan Heads with 3D features and why he chooses vinten products. Also a look into the new HDSLR era and talks about what he’s online Blog is all about. Rating 3.00 out of [...]

NAB Interview w/ Jon McKee


Thomas Roberts talks with Jon McKee about his jump from broadcast television to doing freelance commercial video work, and switching little by little to shooting his projects with DSLR’s. He talks about this exciting transitional period where DSLR’s offers new opportunities to independent producers to upgrade the quality of their productions. Rating 3.00 out of [...]

NAB Interview w/ David Aldrich


David Aldrich the creator of the D|Focus gave us a short interview while on the Show Floor at NAB 2010. The D|Focus is the ultra affordable follow focus for aspiring filmmakers, which offers different mounting solutions and accessories. Jag35 just recently became the exclusive reseller of the D|Focus, allowing Dave to focus on building the [...]

NAB Interview w/ Charlie Collias


While on the NAB 2010 Show Floor Thomas Roberts got a chance to talk to Charlie Collias from Zylights. These are really cool lights that give you complete control over not only temperature settings but sync and change them wirelessly. They are very nice lights and wanted to talk a little with Charlie about this [...]

NAB Interview w/ Tim Keenan


While at NAB 2010 our good friend Thomas Roberts got a chance to walk the show floor and get some interviews for us. We figured that while we were working the Zacuto booth, we really wouldn’t get much of a chance to walk the floor and check out some of the cool new products out [...]

The New Panasonic AG-AF100


The New Panasonic-Camcorder AG-3DA1 und AG-AF100, some amazing technology that’s gonna change video camcorders as we know it. For over a year now, we’ve been looking at shooting video with still cameras, because you have more control than shooting video with video camcorders, it’s a strange thing, but what where all wondering is, if Canon [...]