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New Nikon D7000 + Teradek Cube


While at PhotoCine Expo today we got a chance to see a bunch of exciting new things, including, we got see a prototype Nikon D7000 and we also got to mount it on our Field Runner rig and try it out with the new Teradek Cube to transmit a wireless HD signal, it all worked [...]

Jehu at PhotoCineExpo by DV Culture


Jehu talks a little bit about the new Canon 60D with the Swivel LCD screen. He doesn’t even mention the new X Viewfinder which is installed on the LCD there, we’ll be talking about that product very soon. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Interview with Peter Cote-My DSLR Show

acc_Peter Cote-main

Peter is the man behind My DSLR Show. In this interview he talks about the DSLR Show, his project called “Guy Walks Across America” and much more. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Interview with Filmmaker Shmuel Hoffman

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Shmuel is an amazing filmmaker/social media person based in NYC. He’s got some amazing stuff out on the web. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Rod Raiser


Now Shipping! Our Rod Raiser is finally here. This product is designed to be used with DSLRs with battery grips or tall bodies like the 1Dmk4, it helps you mount rods on these types of configurations at the proper industry standard height of 85mm from center of lens to center of rods. Rating 3.00 out [...]



The D|Riser is a riser and offset block to raise the height of the standard D|Focus V3 gearbox. The D|Focus V3 has a low profile design for a light weight and space saving configuration but in some cases it may be necessary to raise the height of the D|Focus V3. Rating 3.50 out of 5 [...]

Digi Finder Sticky Frames


The Digi Finder Pro currently comes with only one sticky frame. For those who need extra sticky frames, you now have the opportunity to purchase them. We have sticky frames available for both 5D/7D and T2i/550D versions. The sticky frame is the best system to quickly take your view finder on and off your camera. [...]

Interview w/ Dan Rubottom


Dan is a RED, DSLR filmmaker. He is the Sr. Producer of Special Projects at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas a 50,000 member mega-church. Dan is a graduate of ORU in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He recently placed in the finals (on one of the chapter segments) on the Vimeo Film Festival, the story behind the still. [...]

Jag35 Users


Sometimes we get clients that send us pictures of their rigs. We love to see how people are using their Jag35 parts. At times we learn a lot from seeing how others are using their gear, how they set it up or modify it. We would like to share these pictures with everyone, and we [...]

Offset Railblock


Here it is, our very popular and now available individually Offset Raised Railblock for 15mm rods. The Offset Raised Railblock is essential while building a shoulder rig in which you need to place the dslr body right in front of your face for use with an LCD Loupe like the Z-Finder or the DigiFinder . [...]