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This product has been discontinued The JAG35SP is a 35mm DOF adapter that gives you more control over depth of field by using a 35mm SLR lens on your Video camera. We offer the Jag35SP with an Achromat lens, you must choose which best fits your camera needs. If you will be using the adapter [...]

Jag35 Step Down Cables


Our Step down cables are designed to be used with our 12v battery systems (The JagBattery). They can step down the power when using devices that require less than 12 volts power consumption like our HDMI Splitter. Our Digital switching power management system is Variable and can be adjusted to output any voltage between 1-12 [...]

DSLR Stand


The DSLR stand allows you to mount any of the small bodied DSLR cameras in the market to industry standard 15mm rails. Its designed to have the proper distance of 85mm from center of lens to center of rods which will allow you to install accessories like follow focuses and Matteboxes. Rating 3.00 out of [...]

Extended Handles


The Extended Handles are designed to be used on any shoulder rig that uses 15mm Rod system. The Extended Handles are more ergonomically placed, since they are lower on the rig allowing the user to carry more weight for longer periods of time without much fatigue.They are available in 2 lengths 6″ and 8” and [...]

Quick Release Plate V2


We have modified the Quick Release Plate to accept the Z-Finder mounting frame, so instead of trying to mount your Gorilla Plate inside the DSLR Cage you can now simply attach your Z-Finder mounting frame directly to the DSLR Cage’s quick release plate and then you can attach the Z-Finder direct to that. The quick [...]

Interview with Ryan Brown @IamFilmGuy


Ryan is one the coolest cats in the DSLR world. He shoots Music Videos and is based in Portland, Oregon. Check out how many times either of us says “yeah man.” Fun interview! We talk about traveling with gear and packing and we even pay homage to Zacuto… Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]