We always wanted to make movies, and when HD became available in
consumer camcorders, like the HV20, we became excited about shooting
again. We learned about 35mm adapters while researching how to achieve
the film look, but we couldn’t afford to buy the professional adapters
out there. We followed a tutorial and built one. We posted our
progress on HV20.com and when people saw the results of our adapter,
they wanted to us to make them one also. We started building adapters
for a couple of people in our spare time, but quickly realized how
much demand there was for these products. We realized we could stay
busy full time building adapters.

We were quickly bombarded with questions and orders and have expanded
to handle customer service, process orders and build more products. We
are learning everyday how to run a business and make our company work,
but our passion is making great looking movies and helping others do
the same. We love what we do. Every day really is a great experience.
We are constantly doing different things, we’ve gotten to travel a
bit, meet very interesting people, talented filmmakers and very smart
business owners, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Anonymous

    Hi thanks for suggestion, the reason we have UPS is for the safety of our great customers. With UPS it easier tracking a delivery and if is damaged or lost UPS will replace it for our customer.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Harri, Yes we do ship D Focus V3 to the UK and everywhere else along with any other of our products. Postage would depend right now we are shipping only with UPS internationally. if you add the D Focus V3 to your shopping cart you can get a quote.

  • Terel

    Have questions about your 7″ monitor.  Would you kindly give me a call at 408-829-0112?  Thanks!  Terel Beppu, Sunnyvale, CA.

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      Don’t have staff to make phone calls at the moment, feel free to post your question on the product page http://j35.us/l3X7Ph or if you don’t want it public submit your questions thru our contact form: http://j35.us/e27EX1

  • Flo

    Hi there,

    i´m looking forward to order a field runner rig and a d focus v3.
    but i have a question about shipping to germany and the customs duties.
    Can you help me in those questions?

    regards Flo

    • Anonymous

      Yes, we ship to germany. When it comes to custom duties in your country we have no control over that.

  • Graham

    Where are your products made?

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      All the Jag35 products are made in the USA except for a few products that we resell.

  • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

    at the moment it’s taking us from 5 – 7 days to ship out adapter orders.

  • William clark

    awesome and the jag 35 adapter is the bomb it has improved my look by leaps and bounds coupled with a few nice lenses 35mm 1.8 50mm 1.8 and 85mm im grateful to you guys for thinking outside the box and im one of the few guys from the east coast who have actually been through rancho cucamonga driving to vegas from La I shot a interview at the Latino film fest in NY in JULY and recently shot a teaser trailer thats getting good looks on you tube with the jag keep up the great work im supporting u guys……peace

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      Thanks for the comment William.

  • Jeff

    How do I order products from you? My phone is 818-624-4242 and my email is jeff@advantagevideosystems.com

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      You order them thru the website, click on the add to cart button on the items you want.

  • Yamil islas

    Hola les escribo de México, empiezo una compañía productora de video con miras a ser productora de cine digital y lo que encuentro aquí simplemente me deslumbra me pondre en contacto pronto con ustedes para adquirir varios de sus productos… de verdad creo que son únicos y comparto su pasiòn por el cine la tecnología y la democratización de ambos por medio del abaratar costos… felicidades y sigan así, you are so cool!!

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia


  • http://www.martinconnelly.com Martin

    Hey Guys,
    I like your site, but you might want to put something here.