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So I recently re-connected with a child-hood friend, Ariel Alejandro. I knew him when I was kid living in Mexico, he lived in my neighborhood and we used to run around playing in the dirt, or whatever kids used to do back in the day. When my family moved away and we migrated I never saw him again. About 25 years later, I found out that he’s actually living in Palm Springs and performs as a Mariachi at a near by Mexican Restaurant on the weekends. It was such a weird thing to run into him and get caught up a bit. After we talked for a bit, we found that we have so many things in common and I’m definitely making an effort to stay in touch.

He told me about a new project he had been working on for a while called MariachiSocial.com and so I wanted to try and capture him explaining what this new project is all about. We decided to shoot the whole thing in spanish because of the nature of the project, we felt that the audience that might be interested in the info would get more out of it if they heard the info in spanish, plus I also figured that he’d be able to express himself more freely if he explained it all in his native tongue.

I’m always interested in what drives people. What influences them and fuels them with the energy to be passionate about whatever they do. I noticed very quickly while speaking with Ariel that Mariachi music wasn’t just a job for him, this was a whole lifestyle for him and this intrigued me and made me want to feature him in a video. I felt that he would make a great candidate for an indiespot feature because his passion for this style of music really was obvious as he expressed himself.

Preparing for a shoot like this was pretty easy, only because along with my brother Saul, we’ve been shooting a lot more event coverage type of shoots and this was pretty much the same, except it included an initial interview. So here’s some of the things we took with us.

For the interview we used a Canon 5DmkII with a 50mm f1.2 L Series on a tripod. I setup the main shot, but because I was also doing the interview, I wasn’t too happy with the framing, it was too close and he shifted a bit from his starting position. The second angle was a Canon 7D with a 24-70mm f2.8 L Series also on a tripod, my brother Saul was working that camera, but he was also getting extra shots with another 5DmkII with a super wide 15mm f2.8 mounted on a Slider. He was moving around with this one, just capturing extra shots, and some of those came out really good. Slider shots for interviews always look really good, I definitely wanna start using these a lot more during interviews like this. The only problem is, that it’s a lot more setup to get slider shots, and you don’t always have that, specially when you only have about an hour to shoot and it’s just you shooting. It’s always nice when you have help, so you can focus on the content you’re trying to capture.

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