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Product Of The Week: Universal Baseplate


Jag35 has introduced a brand new baseplate. At $66 the newly released Jag35 Universal Baseplate is our most affordable baseplate yet! Featuring a new height adjustment and packed with two 6 inch rods, this new baseplate has everything you need to get out there and shoot! Rating 3.40 out of 5 Thank you for voting! [...]

Product Of The Week: Straight Rig v2


Jag35s most popular is now on SALE! Due to the success of our last sale on the straight rig we are bringing it back! This Rig is an elegantly simple shoulder rig for DSLR cameras. Shooters who use an external monitor or EVF will prefer The Straight Rig because it places the monitor/EVF in front [...]

Product Of The Week: Counter Weight v2


The Counterweight v2 is a sturdier, more durable alternative to our standard counterweight. It is great for when you have a large lens, heavy accessories, or even just for a more comfortable shooting experience. Having a counterweight helps balance your rig giving you a smoother shot every time. You now have the option of purchasing [...]

Product Of The Week: DSLR Stand Lite


Looking for the perfect size stand for smaller cameras? Look no further than the Jag35 DSLR Stand Lite. This smaller stand is a compact alternative to our full size DSLR stand and is a perfect size for smaller cameras like the GH2, SL1 or Black Magic Pocket Camera Rating 2.33 out of 5 [?]

Product Of The Week: Quick Release Articulating Arm Kit


Need an easy to use adjustable accessory mount? The Articulating Arm gives you the ability to mount accessories, such as a monitor, Portable Digital Audio Recorder and much more. Now pair it with our Quick release railblock and configuring your rig is faster and easier than ever! Rating 2.00 out of 5 [?]

Product Of The Week: Street Runner v2


JAG35 has redesigned our very popular Street Runner! With our new design the simple yet versatile Street Runner v2 is better than ever. This rig has a small and travel friendly design that is perfect for anyone needing a lightweight, on the go support rig. Rating 2.50 out of 5 [?]

Product Of The Week: Jag35 Handle


The next generation Handles are here, and we have completely redesigned our handles to make the best and most versatile one yet. Jag35 has improved the design of our standard handles by introducing the new twist lock mechanism. Now with the simple twist of your wrist you can tighten or loosen your Jag35 Handle, making [...]

Product Of The Week: DSLR Baseplate v2


Looking for a good starter kit? Finding a sturdy and secure Baseplate is a filmmaker’s first step when building their rig. With the Jag35 DSLR Baseplate v2 you can mount your camera onto a tripod, attach accessories onto your camera, or use it as a starting point to build up your own custom rig. This [...]

Product Of The Week: The Baseplate Lite


For shooters who need to travel light, Jag35 offers the new DSLR Baseplate Lite! Fitting everything in your backpack for travel is now easier than ever! The Lite is a smaller and more compact alternative to the larger Baseplates. It’s great for shooters that don’t need the larger size and Perfect for smaller cameras like [...]

Product Of The Week: The Austin Rig


Do you need a comfortable one-handed DSLR rig? Look no further than The Austin Rig v2. It is a compact, full-featured, offset shoulder rig that excels for the shooter who uses the rear screen on the camera for monitoring and who operates the follow-focus themselves while shooting. The Austin Rig also features JAG35’s double-offset counter [...]