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Product Of The Week: Straight Rig v2


Jag35s most popular is now on SALE! Due to the success of our last sale on the straight rig we are bringing it back! This Rig is an elegantly simple shoulder rig for DSLR cameras. Shooters who use an external monitor or EVF will prefer The Straight Rig because it places the monitor/EVF in front [...]

Product Of The Week: Counter Weight v2


The Counterweight v2 is a sturdier, more durable alternative to our standard counterweight. It is great for when you have a large lens, heavy accessories, or even just for a more comfortable shooting experience. Having a counterweight helps balance your rig giving you a smoother shot every time. You now have the option of purchasing [...]

Product Of The Week: Street Runner v2


JAG35 has redesigned our very popular Street Runner! With our new design the simple yet versatile Street Runner v2 is better than ever. This rig has a small and travel friendly design that is perfect for anyone needing a lightweight, on the go support rig. Rating 2.50 out of 5 [?]

Product Of The Week: Micro Ballhead Kit


Mounting accessories on your rig is easier than ever with the Micro Ballhead Kit! This Jag35 Kit is designed to give you the ability to mount accessories, such as a Monitor, Portable Digital Audio Recorder and much more. It consists of a 360° Swivel Micro Ballhead and a male threaded Single Rail-block that will easily [...]

Product Of The Week: The Austin Rig


Do you need a comfortable one-handed DSLR rig? Look no further than The Austin Rig v2. It is a compact, full-featured, offset shoulder rig that excels for the shooter who uses the rear screen on the camera for monitoring and who operates the follow-focus themselves while shooting. The Austin Rig also features JAG35’s double-offset counter [...]

Product of the week: Full Shoulder Rig


The Full Shoulder Rig is our top of the line “offset” shoulder rig. Made From sturdy and lightweight aluminum, the Jag35 full shoulder is ready for any job you throw at it! This rig places the camera directly in front of the shooter’s face, it features wide, sturdy handles for smooth operation, plus a comfortable [...]

JAG35 Customers In The Field!


Jag35 in the field! Get a behind the scenes look at some Jag35 products being used out on the field by photographers and filmmakers from all around the world. Jag35 wants to connect with our customers, so send us a picture of you using your Jag35 products while working out in the field for a [...]

Product of the week: Crimson Rig


Have a Red Camera? For a limited time you can get your hands on a Crimson Rig for $499.99! Not too long ago, Red released the Epic and Scarlet camera which are able to shoot film in 4K or 5K. This was a cheaper option than other cameras in their line, opening doors to filmmakers [...]

Product of the week: Straight Rig


This week’s featured product is the Straight Rig V2. Made out of solid aluminum, the Straight Rig V2 is a tough companion on your long shoots. The design of the Straight Rig V2 allows the rig to be comfortably balanced on your shoulder. The camera gets mounted on the centerline of the rig, allowing you [...]

The X Runner Bundle


We are proud to introduce The X Runner Bundle Pack. The Bundle pack consists of both Monitor X and Field Runner. The Monitor X is an LCD screen viewing Aid (a shade with magnification). It helps by isolating the image of your LCD screen from external light sources like the Sun when shooting outdoors. It [...]