Video of the Week: MOBIUS


This weeks video pick is titled MOBIUS. A short film shot entirely with the new Canon C300 Cinema Camera. Shot by Vincent Laforet, and was screened at Canon’s Hollywood event for the Announcement of the New Camera.

This was a great idea, and definitely a well executed film. For me personally, It wasn’t one of my favorites, but I can definitely appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into this. I think technically it was great, it looked amazing and the concept for the story definitely had potential. I’ve always been a fan of stories with a bit of mystery to them, but there was something about it that didn’t quite add up. There’s no depth to the main character, so you don’t feel anything. It just empty, so I really didn’t care about the story.

This is what Vincent Laforet had to say about the new Canon C300:

Ergo this is in effect a 4K sensor creating a 1080p image. This results in what I would say is easily one of the best digital cinema sensors on the market – at least that I have worked with (I have worked with all of the digital cinema cameras released within the past 2-3 years.*) The camera’s only competition right now are the Arri Alexa and Red Epic – although each of the 3 sensors and cameras have distinct advantages over one another – there is no perfect camera.

The Canon C300 produces an INCREDIBLY sharp image at 1080p on a 60 foot screen. There is ZERO aliasing or moire – goodbye forever!!!

It should be said: DSLRs are FAR FROM DEAD. Their price point, size, and accessibility to the “masses” will allow them to thrive for years to come in my opinion. The above mentioned cameras are in a different price league. I have not heard of an official price yet from Canon, but it is safe to say that the price will be north of the Canon 1Dx.

Stay tuned for next week’s featured video.

You can’t help but get absorbed into the story of Mobius. Some people might compare this short film to the beginning of a CSI show with an ending equivalent to Lost, and others might think it is similar to the show Breaking Bad (one of the actors featured in this short is actually from Breaking Bad). From my perspective, this has all the elements to be compared to a little show from the 50s called the “Twilight Zone.” Similar to the Twilight Zone, Mobious has a mixture of self-contained drama, psychological thriller, science fiction, suspense, which concludes with an unexpected twist. TV Shows and Movies that contain these elements really captivate my attention, and I find them truly enjoyable. Sure it might have some editing flaws, but this short is better than some of the full-length films released today.

I just watched Mobius. And I was captivated with the whole concept of the film. I like films with a different twist at the end; makes it stand out. Plus it brought out what’s truly happening in the city of Juarez combined with the mystical “Zone” making this a truly cryptic tale.

I was also thoroughly impressed with the beautiful wide shots of the desert. The sand storm looked so real; I actually started to think that there was a sandstorm.

One of the things I tend to notice is the underscoring. Because when you are watching a film and the music becomes all of a sudden dramatic it makes the scene cheesy making you think “come on”, “really?”. But in Mobuis, it was nicely done; no super overly loud melodramatic music. It was just the right amount of suspenseful music to make the scene more intense.

In all; a well crafted short film.

With all the great action and effects used in the short film Mobius, you wonder what more do I want? Mobius yet delivers more, ending with a twist and everything falling into place. Its great in so many levels and keeps you at the edge of your seat wanting more and even leaving you with a few questions for you to wonder and fill in the gaps for yourself.

I also enjoyed the color grading, they gave it a very warm sunny feeling and the cinematography through the film was amazing. Over all I think it was a great film and a excellent way to test out the potential of the new Canon C300.

Right from the start I got the feeling this was going to be good! The first scene tells you the out come of the story but you don’t really notice it until you view the rest of the film. The acting was good as well, especially from the Hispanic actor in the way he talked and expressed him self about the Zone. I also like the fact that the actor gave him self away each time you think he can have a second chance. The setting out in the desert in Juarez, Mexico were killings actually do happen was smart. The ending was surprising and you cant help but to gasp as the movie is rolling. The reactions it made me had through out the film was what made it good to me. Vincent Laforet did not not fail to come through in this short film.

This short film was intended to be a way to promote the new Canon C300, but it did more then that. With more than 360,000 plays combined with standard and HQ version just alone on Vimeo, we can appreciate the great work Vincent Laforet put into this. Not only do we see these great visuals that the C300 provides, but also the amazing story behind it.

This is how it all played in my head, and how I understood it. The main character which name wasn’t given I believe, was given the chance of making things right a second time or even third or fourth time. I say this because of the conditions his camera was in. No one beats up a camera that much, so this wear and tear had to come from the many times he tried escaping and running away from the bad guys. It seems like he was given a few chances to make things right but wasn’t able to accomplish running away and getting away alive. The acting was great, and how could it not be great when you have such good actors like Luis Moncada which is actually an actor that comes out in one of my favorite shows, “Breaking Bad”.

I also really liked the location this took place in. In the BTS of Mobius we learn it was filmed in California, but its themed near Juarez where we all know its known for being a dangerous location to visit do to all the murders that happen there. By creating such a theme, it just captures our attention that much more. This was a great Short, so there is not much I can criticize on except for a few scenes where I was like “Whoa that happened so quick”, but besides that this was GREAT and its obvious why Canon keeps coming back to Vincent for these types of projects.

Hated it. I felt like I was watching a tragic news story with a sci-fi twist. The characters weren’t developed enough. I didn’t feel for any of them. I had no idea why the guy was risking his life to take pictures. What was driving him? There was no hope in the chase. No hint of a possible escape. The technical aspects of this film were good, the story was lacking.

Wanna know more this film? Check out the Behind the Scenes piece on this film.

Rating 3.00 out of 5
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  • SM Photography

    I just saw Mobius, I really like the concept.  It would seem like it can lead to a longer film, with developed characters in the future.  I love the camera work as well.

    • Misa Garcia

      I would have to agree with you. I think as a short there was some big problems with it, like stated, but I definitely liked the concept. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. We’re trying to start some interesting weekly conversations about filmmaking, by choosing a weekly featured film. Would you be interested in submitting some ideas for videos that we can feature?

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