Video of the Week: Mr. Foley


A darkly funny but nightmarish scenario, a man wakes up in the hospital with a group of sound artists sound tracking his life. Mr. Foley is an award winning short film directed by Dublin directing duo Mike Ahern & Enda Loughman aka D.A.D.D.Y. The film has been on the festival circuit for a while but has just premiered online for all to see.

My favorite genre for any subject is comedy. I really enjoy that feel good sensation of laughing; it truly feels as if problems and stress just melt away. Mr. Foley delivers precisely that, COMEDY. From the music to the actor’s facial expressions, this short brings comedy gold. It honestly had me laughing from begging to end.

As for the plot, I was completely hooked from the start! The twilight zone idea of a man waking up to a world that is entirely soundless with the exclusion of a group of musicians and sound effect artists was hilariously brilliant! Mr. Foley enables you to see from a different perspective, the importance and the amount of work that are involved into creating sound for film. I have to say this was a very funny and educational short.

Stay tuned for next week’s featured video.

Very comical short film this week. “Mr. Foley” was a great way to demonstrate the importance of sound. Many of us may not appreciate this on films because we are always so used to it just being there and never missing, but this shows exactly why it is important and the hard work that goes into it. Im looking forward to my next film just so while i watch it i can imagine how all those sounds are being created.

Mr. Foley, was a good short film and I believe what made this video successful was everyones acting. The facial expressions and body language were hilarious! Keep a eye out for the trumpet player his faces were the best! It was because of the acting that made me enjoy this short film. Trust me you will be laughing through out the whole video.

“Mr. Foley” at first you don’t know what to expect. As the film continues you learn that the character doesn’t seem to hear noises or sounds, which lead me to believe that he was part of an experiment. The film its self is well put and has you laughing, due to the whacky and funny sound effects and facial expressions.
Another thing that I liked was how the sound effects were made in the film, which gives you an insight of how films are being produce. After watching this film it made me wonder and want to try various objects to produce different sounds.

Mr. Foley has got to be one of the most delightful shorts I have recently seen. I was entertained the whole entire time.My favorite moment has to be the Elevator scene the music cracked me up so much. I am still laughing.

This short was cleverly done. The actors did a spectacular job with their face expressions conveying what sound they were representing. Especially when Mr. Foley was about to fall over the edge of the building, I just loved their faces along with the simply over dramatic music.It reminded me of how radio stories were made; the sound boards is what ultimately gave them life. I loved listening to those old recordings. They are really entertaining and you are immediately tuned in. This is probably the reason why I throughly enjoyed this short film.

Rating 3.00 out of 5
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