Jag35 Monitor


As we move into a new era of video shooting and new gear to go along with that, we’re always on the looking for great products and of course most importantly for us, affordable products. We’re please to announce this Great 7″ LCD External Monitor for your rig. This is a beautiful and elegant monitor, but also very compact and light which is important to us. Will work with our DSLR Cage, but will also work with many other setups, anyone that wants to try these out, you definitely can, they are available and will be shipping right away.

*ANOTHER NOTE: If you plan to use this monitor with a DSLR thru the HDMI, you will need to also buy an HDMI cable, we do offer one, you can find it in the Related Products. Also if you need this monitor to be powered portably, then you will also need to buy a Jag Battery and Power Cable or a LP-E6 monitor power plate to power it using your 5Dmk2, 7D, or 60D batteries. These products are not included with the Monitor.

**NOTE: If you need to use this monitor outdoors we recommend are 7″ Sun Hood

Jag35 Monitor Features:

  • Affordable External Monitor
  • 7″ LCD Screen
  • Better control over crital focusing
  • Power Supply / Car Kit Included
  • Supports 1920X1080 Resolution (native 800×480)
  • Small and Compact design
  • Works with Canon 5DmkII, 7D or any HDMI Device
  • Works with both Pal or NTSC

$249.00 + SH


  • Portable
  • Compatible with Li-battery
  • LED Backlight
  • Built-in Speaker
  • VGA input
  • Compatible with PC
  • AV input
  • Compatible with DVD/VCD Player/Security System/Navigation system/Rear view camera
  • Infrared remote control


  • Display Panel
  • 7” TFT LCD Screen

  • Resolution
  • 800*480VGA RGB 800*480*3=1,152,000pixels

  • VGA Support MAX resolution
  • 1920*1440

  • Aspect Ratio
  • 16:9

  • Display Ratio
  • 16:9 or 4:3 adjustable

  • 8 OSD Languages
  • English, Chinese, Francais, Italiano, Deutsch, Espanol, Japanese, Pycc

  • Brightness
  • 300 cd/m2

  • Contrast Ratio
  • 500:1

  • Signal Input
  • PC(VGA),AV1,AV2

  • VGA input
  • 15pin D-SUB interface

  • Video input
  • 2 video input

  • Audio input
  • 1 audio input

  • Color System
  • PAL-4.43 / NTSC-3.58

  • Viewing Angle
  • 140°/120°horizontal/vertical

  • Video input signal
  • 1.0Vp-p

  • Audio output signal
  • 100MV

  • Voltage input
  • DC 11V- 13V

  • Power Consumption
  • ≤8W

  • AV Cable
  • 1 pcs

  • VGA Signal Cable
  • 1 pcs

  • Driver Disc
  • 1 pcs (only for touchscreen)

  • Stand Bracket
  • 1 pcs

  • Home AC adapter
  • 1 pcs

  • Car lighter Adapter (DC 12V)
  • 1 pcs

  • Remote Control
  • 1 pcs

  • Manual
  • 1 pcs

D|Focus Version 3 Features:

  • Customizable to fit most cameras
  • Accepts Industry standard 15mm rods
  • Accepts Industry standard 32 pitch gears
  • Accepts Industry standard Whips and Cranks
  • Rail Block holds rods at 60mm
  • Reversable Gearplate (Set it up on either side)

$139.99 + SH ea.

Choose Gears

D|Crank Features:

  • Easily Mounts to your
  • Easy to use
  • Helps with Critical Focus
  • Serves as a Marker
  • Now Shipping

$29.99 +sh

SunHood Features:

  • Easily attaches to your monitor
  • Provides shade in direct sunlight
  • Designed for use with 7” LCD Monitors
  • Now Shipping

$16.20 + SH

Ballhead Mount Features:

  • Easily Mount Accessories to your rig
  • Solid Structure with Secure Attachments
  • Configurable to work with a variety of accessories
  • Very affordable
  • Work together with Jag35 Cage
  • Now Shipping!

$29.99 + SH

D|Focus Plate Features:

  • Easily Mount Your D|Focus
    to the new DSLR Cage
  • Adjustable Plate
  • Thumb Screw
  • Very affordable
  • Now Shipping

$12.99 +sh

Monitor Battery Plate Features:

  • Mounts to your monitor
  • Compatible with LP-E6 batteries
  • Can Power the monitor for 2.5 hours
  • Very affordable

$49.99 + SH

Mini Ballhead Mount Features:

  • Easily Mount Accessories to your rig
  • Solid Structure with Secure Attachments
  • Configurable to work with a variety of accessories
  • Very affordable
  • Work together with Jag35 Cage


Support System Features:

  • Interchangeable Legs to fit most lenses
  • Industry standard 32 pitch (0.8 mod,)
  • Large pitch diameter for accurate focusing
  • Secure lens mounting (Screw & nut, rubber band, zip tie)
  • No need to measure your lens, all necessary length Legs are included!


Monitor Battery Features:

  • Li-battery for Monitor
  • Up 4 Hours Battery Life
  • Easily mounts behind Monitor

$89.99 + SH

GooseNeck Mount Features:

  • Easily Mount Accessories to your rig
  • Solid Structure with Secure Attachments
  • Configurable to work with a variety of accessories
  • Very affordable
  • Work together with Jag35 Cage


Straight Rig Includes:

  • All aluminum construction
  • Adjustable and expandable
  • Industry standard 15mm rods
  • Available in both Jag35 Rods or Zacuto Rods
  • Now Shipping!

$499.00 +SH

PowerCable Features:

  • Ease of use
  • Work with Jag35 Battery Packs
  • Compatible w/ Jag35 Monitor
  • 36″ Cable
  • Now Shipping

$9.99 – SH

20″ HDMI Cable Features:

  • Affordable HDMI Cable
  • HDMI to mini HDMI
  • 20 inches long
  • Easy to use
  • No extra slack

$14.99 + sh

Jag Battery Features:

  • Easily mounts on standard 15mm rail
  • Will power all 12V devices
  • Contains 1/4-20 holes
  • Housed in durable aluminum
  • Easy to use
  • Now Shipping

$249.99 + SH

Rating 3.67 out of 5
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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hi Mike,
    It can work possibly work because of the HDMI but with DSLR cameras you will not have a full image on the monitor if you would like more info feel free to emails us

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it will work because of the HDMI but we have not tested it to say for sure you try it out and if it does not work out for you, then you can return it here is our return policy: http://jag35.com/store.php/returns?___store=default

  • Anonymous

    Hello, it depends on what camera system you are using, if your camera outputs sound then you will be able to, most DSLR cameras do not but most video cameras will. You can also email us for more help.

  • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

    ” Is it close the 7D’s original LCD Screen? ” I’m not sure I understand your question. When you plug in any HDMI device to your Canon 7D, it will take over the signal, and you won’t be able to use the original LCD on the camera. So you can’t use the Monitor AND the DSLR’s LCD at the same time, if you need to use two screens however, you can use an HDMI splitter and connect two monitors, we have these splitters available.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Luke

    Curious if anyone has used this with a RED?? Is the screen ‘scalable’… some of the RED menu options get cut off on a lot of monitors.

    Also… can this be powered using an Anton Bauer Hytron battery? I’m looking to use it as a Steadicam monitor. Thanks.

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      Probably not, If your using a RED why not just use the RED LCD? or a professional monitor. This is a consumer monitor!

  • Mike

    Can you attach the monitor to the hot shoe mount on the 7D?

    • http://jag35.com Stacie

      Sure except you’ll need to find an adapter for the monitor and we don’t carry them.

  • Unblind

    Misa, we just received your monitor…we are using it with a 5D. Does the monitor change the aspect when you start recording, or is that the 5D? Thanks.

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      That’s the 5D doing that. It’ll do it with any monitor you connect to it. It’s not pretty.

  • Crump1976

    I’ve got the Jag35ST that I use with a Sony HVR HD-1000. If I purchase this monitor can you guys do a flip hack on it for me?

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      If you get this monitor and mount it on your rig, you can just invert the image in the monitor. Those options are included in the monitors options already.

  • Luis Martinez (Lufaine)

    Hey Guys,

    If I purchased a Jag35 Monitor, an LP-E6 battery plate and a digi-viewer eye cup, would you throw in the monitor hood in as a bonus for being such a loyal customer. My production company has also purchased a D-Focus, a FieldRunner and we’re probably going to buy an HDMI Splitter and a battery pack for that as well (we’ll need your power cables for these as well).

    Also in reference to the battery plate any chance that you’ll manufacture a cable to power a Tascam DR-100? If so we’ll probably pick up one of those too. One stop shopping @ JAG35.com ; )

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      might be able to hook you up if we have it in stock. Send me an email.

  • Antonio Jones

    Will the Jag35 Monitor fits the canon vixia hf200 I have the depth of field and the image is flip so want to see the image through the monitor.

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      Yeah it should work fine… your HF200 has an HMDI port correct?

  • Fox5411f

    Is this the lilliput monitor redressed as a jag 35 product?

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      Not really. lilliput gets their monitors from the same place we do.

  • mk

    I wanna buy d-focus , Base Plate , 7″ monitor and Sun hood. How can I connect monitor to base plate? or I have to buy extra product?

    How long you take time to sent it to thailand?

    Thank you

  • Granganga Prod

    does it work with panasonic AG-HPX 171?

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      Does your Panasonic AG-HPX 171 have an HDMI video out.

  • Sergino17

    where can i get a clamp for this monitor?

  • Sergino17

    where can i get a clamp for this monitor?

  • Kevin Garcia

    You will need an HDMi cable to get the image to show up on your monitor, your camera has an HDMI port and so does the monitor, In picture 6 the port on the left side is the HDMI port.

  • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

    You can mount the Monitor Battery anywhere you have rod space left, using a single rod clamp and ballhead mount:

    or it can also be mounted to a tripod plate mounted upside down on the two rods.


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