This product has been discontinued

The JAG35SP is a 35mm DOF adapter that gives you more control over depth of field by using a 35mm SLR lens on your Video camera. We offer the Jag35SP with an Achromat lens, you must choose which best fits your camera needs. If you will be using the adapter with a small consumer camera with a 58mm filter thread or smaller, then you should use the 40mm achromat. If you plan on using the adapter with a bigger prosumer cameras then you can choose one of the bigger achromat options.

It includes an Achromatic Doublet lens element to reduce Chromatic Aberrations and a condensing PCX lens element to reduce Vignetting commonly found on DOF adapters.

It is available with Canon EF (eos) and FD mounts. Available in 37mm, 43mm & now 58mm threads, other sized threading is possible by using step up adapters.

It uses internal rechargeable batteries that charge using the supplied charger in 4 hours and last more than 10 hours of operation.

This adapter like most others, inverts the image, So we recommend using an external Monitor to fix this and work around this issue


*Note: When selecting your thread, keep in mind that you can only select the correct thread according to the Achromat you select. If you select the 40mm achromat, your options are 37mm, 43mm or 58mm thread. If you select 62mm achromat, you can only select 62mm thread, and the 72mm achromat comes only with 72mm thread. Please make your selections accordingly!

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This product has been discontinued

SP Top Handle Features:

  • Comfortable Soft Cushion Handle
  • Compact Design
  • Compatible w/ Jag35SP
  • Easily mounts your Monitor
  • Easy to use

$49.99 + SH each

Choose Option

D|Focus Version 3 Features:

  • Customizable to fit most cameras
  • Accepts Industry standard 15mm rods
  • Accepts Industry standard 32 pitch gears
  • Accepts Industry standard Whips and Cranks
  • Rail Block holds rods at 60mm
  • Reversable Gearplate (Set it up on either side)

$139.99 + SH ea.

Choose Gears

Ballhead Mount Features:

  • Easily Mount Accessories to your rig
  • Solid Structure with Secure Attachments
  • Configurable to work with a variety of accessories
  • Very affordable
  • Work together with Jag35 Cage
  • Now Shipping!

$29.99 + SH

GG Screen Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Available in 5m, 9m, 15m, 25m
  • Mounted on a 49mm threaded ring


Shipping Method

XL Optics Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Available with 62mm and 72mm achromats
  • Allows you to mount your Jag35 to prosumer cameras


Choose Achromat

Achromat Upgrades Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Available in 37mm or 43mm thread
  • Reduces Chromatic Aberrations
  • Mounted on threaded rings


Thread Size

Step Ring Features:

  • Easy to Mount
  • Available in different thread sizes
  • Allows to interchange thread sizes


Choose Size

Mount Converters Features:

  • Easy to Mount
  • Available for different mounts


Choose Converter

Support System Features:

  • Interchangeable Legs to fit most lenses
  • Industry standard 32 pitch (0.8 mod,)
  • Large pitch diameter for accurate focusing
  • Secure lens mounting (Screw & nut, rubber band, zip tie)
  • No need to measure your lens, all necessary length Legs are included!


Jag35 Monitor Features:

  • Affordable External Monitor
  • 7″ LCD Screen
  • Better control over crital focusing
  • Power Supply / Car Kit Included
  • Supports 1920X1080 Resolution (native 800×480)
  • Small and Compact design
  • Works with Canon 5DmkII, 7D or any HDMI Device
  • Works with both Pal or NTSC

$249.00 + SH


Rating 3.00 out of 5
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  • Anonymous

    I apologize but there was no demand for the adapters so we discontinued it. We can recommend to you Letusdirect.com they have some adapters. I hope this will help you purchase one.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Peyton, yes we can recommend to you Letusdirect.com

  • CharlesP

    Why has every 35mm adapter been discontinued?

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      because there’s no one buyin’ them anymore.

  • Terrell C

    I have the Canon HV40, like the one shown in the pic. Is there a bundle for the full rig in pic 5 (of 7)? If not, what are all of the accessory parts to purchase in order to complete that rig. I am interested in purchasing the rig.

    I have the image posted below

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      Sorry to say, we’re no longer selling any of these products, the only product that’s still available is the Follow Focus unit.

  • Feha

    I won a Canon HFS100
    the 58mm thread …
    what adapter and canon lens should i chose for DOF ?


    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      we no longer offer 35mm adapters. sorry, your a few months too late.

      • FInn

        it that forever? or just for a few months.

        • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

          F o r e v e r! (in the voice of that kid from the Sanlot)

  • HCl

    I have an HV40, but if I buy this would I need a rod support for it? And if so… which is a good and economic one?

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      You don’t absolutely need rod support, but of course it’s recommend if you plan on mounting your rig on a tripod.

  • http://twitter.com/iamleti Leti Ng

    Hi, might i ask again is this suitable for canon legria hf200???
    are there any other lens suitable for canon legria hf200???
    Thank you >w<

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      it should work just fine… The HF200 has a 37mm filter thread, so you’ll need to order the adapter with a 40mm achromat and a 37mm filter thread of course. We always suggest you use Canon FD lenses, if you don’t already have lenses.

  • RW

    ok just entered the world of jag. i have a canon hv40 and now a jag35sp. can u tell me how to make my image up right in the viewer.

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      there’s really no easy way, what most of our clients are doing is mounting an external monitor (http://j35.us/jag35-monitor) to their rig, which has the feature of allowing you to invert the image in the options, this way you can view your image correctly while shooting. hope this helps.

  • Ermo

    Here´s a music video i made, using jag35 spinning dof adapter:


    Just love it:)

  • Helen

    what’s the different between the FD and EF mount?

  • Ashkuff

    Hey, so when I’m in the field for extended periods, I won’t have the opportunity to recharge the battery in a spinner. So I’m kinda stuck in the tight spot of paying more for a product that won’t work. Do you know where I can buy one of your discontinued statics?

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      do a search on ebay, sometimes they pop-up.

  • Buck B.

    My camera has 37mm threads, the same number i used when i bought a fisheye lens for it (canon vixia hf11) what options should i choose??

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      40mm achromat with 37mm threads.

  • Add

    can it fix on my sony hc9 or sony fx1000

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      What’s the filter thread on your camera.

  • Yamilislas

    Hi, I Have an XLH1a Canon, It has a 72mm filter size, question. wHat adaptor option sHould i buy, and second question can i buy it form outside tHe united states, i´m in México… wHats tHe procedure?

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      At the moment only the Jag35SP is available, for your XHA1 you should get it with a 72mm achromat with 72mm thread. We ship our products worldwide, so yes, you can place order from this page. Procedure? You place your order, we ship it.

  • Sellynt

    so I will be able to order from holland? nice :) will there be an extra shipping fee?

    • http://misagarcia.com Misa Garcia

      Yes, shipping charges will appear on you cart depending on which items you order and where you are ordering from.

  • Sellynt

    hey i was wonderin’, can i order from this site from outside of the united states?

    • http://jag35.com Stacie


  • Virtualtourscyprus

    Hi does the adaptor for the Canon HV40

    • http://jag35.com Stacie

      Yes, it does adapt.

      • Virtualtourscyprus

        Can i use it with my Nikon Lens

  • http://twitter.com/iamleti Leti Ng

    HI does Canon Legria HF200 works?

    • http://jag35.com Stacie

      Yes, it will work.

  • Alpha

    hi, do you sell 2nd hand adapators?

    • http://jag35.com Stacie


  • Ojurfriend

    what does the switch on the side do?

    • http://jag35.com Stacie

      It’s the on and off switch.

  • Alex

    I have a Canon XH-A1. It has a 72mm filter size and i want to use it with a Nikon 50mm 1.8 DSLR lens. What options should i select?

    • http://jag35.com Stacie

      Order the adapter with the 72mm achromat then select the 72mm thread. Then order it with a cannon mount and also order converter ring. Look at the mount converter page.

  • http://twitter.com/jepanic Jennifer Pan

    I already have a 72mm achromat, can I just buy the 40mm version of the Jag35mmSP?

    • http://jag35.com Stacie

      If you bought it from us then you should be able too.

  • jibidis

    is it possible for me to clean my ground glass…if so can you tell me?

    • http://jag35.com Stacie

      Yes you can clean it but be very careful.

      • jibidis

        what are the steps?

        • http://jag35.com Stacie

          The easiest way to clean it is with an compressed air can. Usually that’s enough to remove the dust and particles that get stuck.

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