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The D|Riser is a riser and offset block to raise the height of the standard D|Focus V3 gearbox. The D|Focus V3 has a low profile design for a light weight and space saving configuration but in some cases it may be necessary to raise the height of the D|Focus V3. Rating 3.50 out of 5 [...]

Digi Finder Sticky Frames


The Digi Finder Pro currently comes with only one sticky frame. For those who need extra sticky frames, you now have the opportunity to purchase them. We have sticky frames available for both 5D/7D and T2i/550D versions. The sticky frame is the best system to quickly take your view finder on and off your camera. [...]

D|Focus Version 3


**New Update The new 3D Marking disc for the D|Focus V3 is now available. For more information go to Rating 2.50 out of 5 [?]

NAB Interview w/ David Aldrich


David Aldrich the creator of the D|Focus gave us a short interview while on the Show Floor at NAB 2010. The D|Focus is the ultra affordable follow focus for aspiring filmmakers, which offers different mounting solutions and accessories. Jag35 just recently became the exclusive reseller of the D|Focus, allowing Dave to focus on building the [...]

D|Rodless Plate


This Simple Rodsless Plate is specifically designed to work with the DSLR Cage v2. If you don’t want to use Bottom Rods on your Cage and keep it even more compact, then you can use use screw this plate to the bottom of your cage, and attach your D|Focus using the D|Plate straight to this [...]

Mini Ballhead


This Ball-Head Mount option works perfect to mount your external HD monitor to the Jag35 DSLR Cage. It’s strong and sturdy and very easy to adjust. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]



The D|Crank is a standard speed crank for your D|Focus. Used for quick pulls from close focus to infinity or to help the operator with rack focus moves. It’s the perfect accessory for your D|Focus. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]