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Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig


Lead Time: 1 Week The Offset Full Shoulder Rig has finally gotten an uplift which include a few updates to improve the design and functionality of it, since it’s original release. We’ve gone thru a few changes in the design of almost every piece of this rig over the course of the last 6 months [...]

Quick Release Plate V2


We have modified the Quick Release Plate to accept the Z-Finder mounting frame, so instead of trying to mount your Gorilla Plate inside the DSLR Cage you can now simply attach your Z-Finder mounting frame directly to the DSLR Cage’s quick release plate and then you can attach the Z-Finder direct to that. The quick [...]

DSLR Cage Bundle


We’ve been getting a lot of request to offer a bundle package that includes the Cage along with some of the other products we offer. We decided to put together a Bundle package that will feature some of our most popular items. So now you can get it in a bundle at discounted price. Rating [...]

DSLR Cage v3


The Jag35 DSLR Cage has gone thru a few different revision and a couple of small transformations. We’re proud to introduce the new and improved DSLR Cage, which will offer a couple of new upgraded features. It’s become difficult to come up with an easy way to offer this setup as bundles, simply because of [...]

Jag35 Rod Connector


The Jag35 Rod Connector is a steel threaded stud that allows you to connect any of our threaded rods together. All of our rods are threaded on one side to allow extension via this 7/16-14 rod connector. It is very simple to use, you simply have to screw it to one rod first then you [...]

Top Rods


The Top Rods are designed to give you the ability to mount accessories to the top of your DSLR Cage, such as a Monitor, Portable Digital Audio Recorder (we recommend the ZoomH4n), Rode Mic and much more. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Zoom H4n


Zoom H4n is the most sophisticated portable handheld recorder with new features and improved user experience at every level. Among its many new features, Zoom’s H4n offers superior, built-in X/Y stereo condenser mics that allow variable recording patterns at either 90° or 120°. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Bottom Rods


Note! This product will not work alone, you need the Jag35 Cage to mount your camera. The Bottom Rods are design to be mounted specifically under the DSLR Cage. They ship together with two aluminum railblocks which can also be bought separately. The railblocks include a ¼20 single point bolt which screws right to the [...]

Single Railblock


This Mount will allow you to attach any 1/4-20 accessory to any single 15mm rod. 1/4-20 works with most on camera microphones, sound recorders, lighting equipment and many other accessories. In addition to being able to mount some accessories directly into the mount you can use any 1/4-20 mini Ballhead, or our goose neck to [...]



Our brand new Jag35 Handles came out great, we are very excited about being to offer these, to go along with your DSLR Cage setup, or really anything you wanna use them for. They will come with a single rod clamp, so you can basically mount it on any 15mm rod on your rig. These [...]