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LCDVFs will Ship Today!

Finally Shipping our First Shipment

The most asked question by far this week, has been, when are we going to ship the LCDVFs. Well, as many of you already know, our first shipment hadn’t arrived, so we really didn’t know when we would be shipping them. We had an idea of when they would arrive, however, it was only a [...]

What Happened to the Spinner?


I thought i give you guys an update on the spinner, Last we saw of it was here in this Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Get your Order Before Christmas!


The only way that’s gonna happen is if you would have placed your order two weeks ago. At this point, there’s absolutely no way we’ll get an adapter to you before Christmas if you place your order this week. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Jag35 Adapter Initial Setup

Jehu made a short clip long ago, to help our clients with the initial setup of the Jag35 adapters on your camera. This was supposed to be one of many to come, however, right away, we were so overwhelmed with questions and orders, that we haven’t gotten around to making more. I hope we get [...]

Removing aperture click out of FD lenses

A while ago i came across a tutorial on how to remove the aperture clicking out of your fd lenses, this makes them more suitable for video work, almost like a cinema lens. Click here if you can’t view above Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Color Correcting explained

Ok if you’re like me, and you are self thought in using FCP and every other app you use to create video works of art, then you might like me, be used to staring at those 3 color wheels, and scratching your head. I’ve tried messing with color, but not really understanding what it is [...]

Tom Guilmette Reviews Jag35Pro


We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding using our Jag35 Adapters on different type of cameras, other than Canons. I guess we really don’t think of it, but a big chunk of our clients are using Canons, and since we use canons, sometimes we forget to mention about using them with other model cameras, [...]

Jag35 Battery Chargers

Today I wanted to talk about the battery chargers. We’ve gotten a couple of questions lately about these, and it appears that people in other countries aren’t realizing that the battery chargers that come with the Jag35Pro and the Jag35E Adapters will only work with 120VAC. Made for use in the US only. The Charger [...]

Trying EF lenses on a JAG35

So we decided to have some fun today and try some of our new EF lenses on the JAG35pro to see how they would do. We used a canon HF-s10 and for lenses we tried the 16-35mm f2.8 and the popular 70-200mm f2.8 IS. We also try a few new configurations with our support kits [...]

Dealing with “Rolling Shutter”

While twittering i came across a video from panasonic that shows how to effectively work around the rolling shutter effect called “SKEW” of CMOS chips found on many video cameras like the popular hv20/30/40 and dslr cameras like the 5DMKII and the soon to be released 7D from canon. The video shows many ways to [...]