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Product Of The Week: Jag35 Handle


The next generation Handles are here, and we have completely redesigned our handles to make the best and most versatile one yet. Jag35 has improved the design of our standard handles by introducing the new twist lock mechanism. Now with the simple twist of your wrist you can tighten or loosen your Jag35 Handle, making [...]

Product Of The Week: Crimson Baseplate


The Jag35 Crimson BasePlate is a must-have for all professional filmmakers working with the RED Scarlet and Epic Cameras. Use it to mount monitors, sound equipment, or any other accessories needed to get the most from your RED camera. Made from lightweight aluminum, filmmakers now can mount and customize their RED in a variety of [...]

JAG35 Customers In The Field!


Jag35 in the field! Get a behind the scenes look at some Jag35 products being used out on the field by photographers and filmmakers from all around the world. Jag35 wants to connect with our customers, so send us a picture of you using your Jag35 products while working out in the field for a [...]

Product Of The Week: Glider


Are you looking for smaller rig? The Jag35 Glider is our new lightweight rig setup. It features two handles that provide a secure grip to better control your shot. While still holding onto your rig setup, you can also control the focus lens, allowing you to obtain a steady shot at all times. Rating 3.00 [...]

Product Of The Week: Quick Release Railblock


Do you need to easily attach and detach your accessories? Jag35 offers a secure solution for mounting accessories on your rod setups easily and quickly. The Jag35 Single and Standard Quick Release Railblocks are an easy way to attach and detach various different mountables. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Product Of The Week: Jag Battery v2


Are your photo shoots going on longer than expected? Need to power your camera and all your devices? Well Jag35‘s very popular line of batteries has been given a complete facelift. This new design gives you the same use and quality that you get from our current batteries in a smaller, and therefore easier to [...]

Video of the Week: MOBIUS


This weeks video pick is titled MOBIUS. A short film shot entirely with the new Canon C300 Cinema Camera. Shot by Vincent Laforet, and was screened at Canon’s Hollywood event for the Announcement of the New Camera. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

PIPA and SOPA Want to Censor Your Internet


Some of the internet’s most influential Tech/Internet companies such as Google, Reddit, Wikipedia and many more have protested by blacking out or censoring in order to speak out against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). Why should you be aware? This bill can affect the internet as we know it. [...]

Help us Choose a Handle


We have new Jag35 Handles, which will be available soon. Similar to the standard Jag35 handles, these handles come with single rod clamps, giving you the ability to mount the handles on any 15mm rods on your Rig. What makes these handles different from the standard handles is the non-slip texture grip that is added, [...]