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This product has been discontinued The JAG35SP is a 35mm DOF adapter that gives you more control over depth of field by using a 35mm SLR lens on your Video camera. We offer the Jag35SP with an Achromat lens, you must choose which best fits your camera needs. If you will be using the adapter [...]

Jag35SP Top Handle


This top handle was design to work with the new Jag35SP adapter. It’ll screw right on the adapter itself and will hold one of our Jag35 Handles with a half-inch 1/4-20 Socket Head Screw. This handle also has the option of shipping bundled with a micro Ballhead mount, which easily allows you to mount an [...]

Testing out the new Jag35SP


Got a chance to test out the new Jag35SP yesterday, got some really great images. Check ‘em out below. Will have a few sample adapters ready really soon, we will hand them out to testers. If you want to be considered to be one of the testers please CLICK HERE. Otherwise, they will be available [...]

Jag35SP Testers Needed!


Just wanted to write a little bit about some exciting stuff coming up. Although it’s kind of hard to keep it all organized, I’ll try and write it down and hope it makes a little bit of sense to you all. We’ve got a lot of new products coming out, and it’s very exciting. This [...]

What Happened to the Spinner?


I thought i give you guys an update on the spinner, Last we saw of it was here in this Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Still working on the SP!

Yes, the work continues…As many of you might be aware, a few months ago we released the JAG35SP the first spinner DOF adapter in our line. Initial units sold out quickly, but we only put out a limited amount of units to see how they would do in the field. Because the spinner needs more [...]

Testing NEW Equipment

We have been swamped with orders recently and, have not been able get out of the Shop. This is a double edge sword for us, its good and its bad at the same time, its good because we spend time figuring out how to better and more efficiently make adapters and process orders faster, but [...]