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This product has been discontinued The JAG35ST model is the most affordable adapter yet. It is a static 35mm DOF adapter that gives more control over depth of field using a 35mm SLR lens. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Student Bundle


This product has been discontinued The Jag35 Student Package is the most affordable bundle we offer. Includes everything you need to get started at an entry-level for students who already own a camcorder, comes with the option to include an achromat and ships with either 37mm, 43mm or 58mm threads to fit most consumer camcorders. [...]

Holiday Specials

Lots of you have been asking if we plan on having any holiday specials. So we have decided to offer a limited edition Static adapter. We are practically giving it away as its the cheapest adapter you can buy, anywhere. You can’t even buy the parts for the price were offering it. How can we [...]

Tom Guilmette Reviews Jag35Pro


We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding using our Jag35 Adapters on different type of cameras, other than Canons. I guess we really don’t think of it, but a big chunk of our clients are using Canons, and since we use canons, sometimes we forget to mention about using them with other model cameras, [...]

New Jag35 Student Bundle

We recently just added a new bundle to the bundles page. Seems that a lot of our clients like the option to get a package rather than have to choose items that might possibly not work well together. We’ve also gotten a lot of requests to put a together a bundle that’s more affordable for [...]

Jag35ST: Initial Thoughts

By Jag35 User: Brice Beasley I would like to start off by thanking Jehu, Misa, and everyone else that comprises the JAG35 team. I feel it is important to emphasize the level of support they offered me—as a potential customer, with an abundance of questions—during my decision making phase. Prior to this experience, I knew [...]

Improving my Footage

Quite often we get questions like: Why does my footage look different than yours? Am I doing something wrong? How can I improve my footage? Well the most important advice we find ourselves giving is “practice, practice, practice”. But along with practice having the right equipment makes a huge difference. So i will go over [...]

The Difference!

I wanted to take a little bit of time to explain the differences of some of our Jag35 Products, since it’s one of those questions we still continue to answer on a daily basis. Keep in mind that I will only be talking about the currently available adapters on our website, which means I will [...]

Jag35ST Field Test

Had a Chance to Shadow Philip Bloom from this past weekend at Joshua Tree park in california. I Had been really looking forward to watch a pro at work while shooting a real project. He has been hired by Panasonic to make them a nice little short to show at the European press launch [...]

The Return of JAG35ST

Back by popular demand, the $99 static is back. Available in FD mount and 37mm and 43mm threads ready to be used with most consumer camcorders.Standing apart from all the rest of the diy statics, it uses a glass ground screen and a precision optical condensing lens. If the film look is what you are [...]