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NAB Interview w/ Scott Bourne


While at NAB Thomas Roberts Talks to Scott Bourne about DSLR Convergence. He emphases the core idea of story telling instead of focusing on the equipment. Seems like an on going theme from most of the people we talked to while at NAB. He talks a little about what he aspires to be, coming from [...]

NAB Interview w/ The Bui Brothers


While shooting interviews at NAB our camera guy had a couple of malfunctions, we apologize to the guys that we interviewed that didn’t actually make it to the final edits. Some of them had absolutely no sound, or Audio started recording halfway thru it. While going over the footage I just couldn’t pass this one [...]

NAB Interview w/ Vincent Laforet


While at NAB 2010 Vincent Laforet tells us about what it was like switching from photography to filmmaking, he talks about working on his film Reverie and what it’s like make the transition from photography. He also talks about how telling a story is more important than the gear you shoot it with. Rating 3.00 [...]

NAB Interview w/ Rodney Charters


While at NAB 2010 Thomas Roberts talks with the Director of Photography of Television Show 24 about the new DSLR Revolution, and what’s coming to this new DSLR Technology. He talks about season finale of ‘House’ which was shot with a DSLR Camera and Canon Lenses, and some of the struggles that came with shooting [...]

NAB Interview w/ Jens Bogehens


Thomas Roberts talks with Zacuto Co-Founder Jens Bogehegn about their constant flow of entertaining and informative webisodic series, in an effort to become a one stop shop for gear as well as entertainment. He also talks a little bit about the new DSLR Kits and base plates, as well as the availability of their new [...]

NAB Interview w/ Dennis Lennie


Thomas got a chance to catch up with Den Lennie of F-Stop Academy. He talks about some of his Tutorial DVDs featuring Philip Bloom teaching how to achieve the film look on both the Canon 7D and Canon 5DmkII as well as his brand new DVD titled “Stills in Motion” featuring Drew Gradner. He also [...]

NAB Interview w/ Rick McCallum


While at NAB we had the opportunity to meet Rick McCallum, producer of the Star Wars prequels. He talks to Thomas Roberts about using our Jag35 products, a little bit about some of the films his been involved in, as well as some of the new feature films he’s working on with Philip Bloom on. [...]

NAB Interview w/ Jared Abrams


Thomas Roberts talks to Jared Abrams about attending NAB and why it’s a good idea to attend. He’s excited about the new Redrock wireless follow focus, and he talks about his involvement with Cinema5D. He also offers advice as an experienced camera assistant for many years. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

NAB Interview w/ Joeseph Stunzi


Thomas Roberts talks to Joseph Stunzi about why everyone should attend NAB. He talks about some of his current projects like writing for and his non-profit organization IENSE which focuses on teaching students all about filmmaking. As you can see Joe has a lot of projects going on. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

NAB Interview w/ Jehu Garcia


Thomas Roberts interviews founder of Jehu Garcia and talks about the New Jag35 Products, including the new DSLR Cage, which is very compact and affordable and will allow you to securely mount all your accessories to your DSLR camera. This affordable cage starts at $149 for the basic Cage, and full kits will be [...]