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Product of the week: iPhone Shooter


Are you always prepared to shoot steady video? Do you prefer to shoot with your iPhone? We have two solutions for you: The iPhone Shooter and the iPhone Shooter Pro. Thanks to the the ability to shoot HD video from your phone, you can create quality videos using footage shot from your mobile device. This [...]

Video of the Week: Symmetry


Symmetry is a delightful little short that happens to be the winner of the Grand Prize 2012 Vimeo Awards. It was created by Everynone a filmmaking team that includes Daniel Mercadante, Will Hoffman, and Julius Metoyer. Check it out and let us know what you think. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Video of the Week: Zero


Born into a world of numbers, an oppressed zero discovers that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something. Zero is a 12’32 stop motion animation written, directed and produced by Christine Kezelos. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Video of the Week: THE GIFT


This weeks video pick of the Week was Titled “THE GIFT” directed by Carl E. Rinsch and was posted on the vimeo profile BLR_VFX. Freddy came across this video while browsing vimeo, and after I checked out some of the other work posted on this account, it’s definitely worth checking out. There’s only a few [...]

On The Road With The Field Runner


Jag35 and bring you a journey across the country through the eyes of Rod Clark. Tune in as he ventures across America between August 13th and September 6th, from coast-to-coast on a photographic and cinematic motorcycle journey across North America. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Teradek Cube


Cube is the world’s first camera-top wireless HD video encoder. Cube streams up to 1080p over WiFi or wired Ethernet. Cube is the ideal solution for guerilla filmmakers who need on-set video monitoring without the cost or complexity of a full VTR rig. Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]

Cine Gear 2010: Chris Collins


Thomas Roberts talks with Chris Collins while at Cine Gear 2010. Chris works with Jared Abrams on a lot of different commercial work, along with creating content for a couple of very popular websites. Cinema5D which has grown to become a very big source of information for the DSLR Community. Chris talks about their busy [...]

Cine Gear 2010: Jared Abrams


Got a chance to interview Jared Abrams of He handles the News Section of the website. He talks with Thomas Roberts about his experience while working on Planet of the Apes, as well as the Sopranos. He also talks about his new work with Cinema5D, gathering content for the website as well as keeping [...]

Cine Gear 2010: Curt Von Badinski


Thomas Roberts talks with Curt from View Factor about his collaboration with stargate to create a monster setup which allows them to shoot all angles of a background setting in one take, using their powered cage module as a basis it allows them run battery life to all cameras and also sync recording for all [...]

NAB Interview w/ Vincent Laforet


While at NAB 2010 Vincent Laforet tells us about what it was like switching from photography to filmmaking, he talks about working on his film Reverie and what it’s like make the transition from photography. He also talks about how telling a story is more important than the gear you shoot it with. Rating 3.00 [...]