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Learn DSLR Cinematography

"Learn DSLR Cinematography"

Shooting video today has very quickly morphed into a new and exciting way to share memories or communicate your ideas as well as promote and express yourself artistically. With the introduction of HD cams and now DSLR’s with full HD video capabilities, it’s becoming more and more accessible for any one to jump on board [...]

Jag35 Adapter Initial Setup

Jehu made a short clip long ago, to help our clients with the initial setup of the Jag35 adapters on your camera. This was supposed to be one of many to come, however, right away, we were so overwhelmed with questions and orders, that we haven’t gotten around to making more. I hope we get [...]

Color Correcting explained

Ok if you’re like me, and you are self thought in using FCP and every other app you use to create video works of art, then you might like me, be used to staring at those 3 color wheels, and scratching your head. I’ve tried messing with color, but not really understanding what it is [...]

Dealing with “Rolling Shutter”

While twittering i came across a video from panasonic that shows how to effectively work around the rolling shutter effect called “SKEW” of CMOS chips found on many video cameras like the popular hv20/30/40 and dslr cameras like the 5DMKII and the soon to be released 7D from canon. The video shows many ways to [...]

Flip Your Footage

By Vlad Rojas I had recently acquired a JAG35ST (thanks Jehu very nice finishing) for my trusty HF20 (and with a ring my HMC150) While am getting my LCD monitor for shooting, I tested the adapter with my tripod no less, and although shooting was a bit challenging, it was not not insurmountably difficult. However [...]

Jag35ST: Initial Thoughts

By Jag35 User: Brice Beasley I would like to start off by thanking Jehu, Misa, and everyone else that comprises the JAG35 team. I feel it is important to emphasize the level of support they offered me—as a potential customer, with an abundance of questions—during my decision making phase. Prior to this experience, I knew [...]