Color Correcting explained

Ok if you're like me, and you are self thought in using FCP and every other app you use to create video works of art, then you might like me, be used to staring at those 3 color wheels, and scratching your head. I've tried messing with color, but not really understanding what it is that i need to do I've decided that its just best left alone. Well today I've come across a video that helps understand what it is that you're supposed to do with applications like the very popular "Magic Bullet looks" and "Colorista". The video is in tutorial form and is done by none other than Stu Maschwitz who is the co-founder and chief technology officer of The Orphanage, a visual effects company in California, He has worked as senior visual effects supervisor on several films, and he previously worked at Industrial Light and Magic.

Stu also regularly writes posts on his "Pro Lost" Blog. Here is the Video:


Hunter Boone said...

I love Red Giant Software and Looks but if you really want to endulge yourself in the crazy world of Coloring, try Apple's Color (aka FinalTouch).

I love Magic Bullet but it lacks the keyframing that is really needed.

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