Canon HG10 w/ Jag35E

One of our clients Luke Dejoras shared his video test with us. We don't get too many people showing us their footage shot with Jag35 adapters and much less with Jag35E models, I thought this was some very nice very contrasty images he captured.

He shot this with his Canon HG10 with a Jag35E and a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 Lens.


heftyk said...

jag35st+pana nv-gs180+fd 50mm 1,8
test footage.
Greetings from france!!

p.s.Can i order an achromat now that i received my jag 35st or is it too late,i want to add it to my adapter. thanks again

shipped parcel track number (CQ001768307US)

Misa Garcia said...

You can still add it to your Jag35st adapter. We have it available thru the accessories page. It's called, Achromat Upgrade, just select your thread size.

Anonymous said...

all the videos are good, keep it up people

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