New HDSLR Products for 2010

In light of the approaching new year I would like to discuss some of the new products that we have in the works of for all you hdslr users out there. I know, many still think these devices are not true serious video shooting cameras because all of limitations they have like Odd shaped form factor, aliasing, flash banding, rolling shutter and so on. But to those who think in such way let me just say that everything has limitations, consider Film for example: Outrageously expensive, needs tons of light, 24 fps not good for fast action because of strobing, film cameras don"t record audio, and need large crew to operate, and the list keeps going. With a list like that you would wonder why anyone would even think shooting on film, but the answer is always because the image was well worth all the trouble. The same goes for todays new HDSLRs cameras, the image they produce is well worth all the trouble and in this coming year we will see a lot more productions using them whether is for TV or the big screen, 2010 is the year we will see the release of motion picture shot on HDslr. Don't believe me? read this: The tale of Lucasfilm, Skywalker Ranch, Red Tails, Star Wars and Canon DSLRs on a 40 foot screen!

Anyways back to topic, because this is the future and we want to be part of it we will be releasing new products for this market, earlier this month we launched our new DSLR section and we plan on expanding this section to include more than the few products we currently sell there.
We like to think we have started with some of the best products like the H4n Redheads, Zacuto's Z-finder, The super affordable D|Focus and the New Affordable LCDVF And some of the best training DVDs for getting you up to speed on How to get the Film Look out of your new camera body.

And the most exciting part is still to come, we are working on a camera accessory cage for the 5Dmk2, 7D, and the new 1Dmk4, We are shooting for a sub $200 price. You will be able to securely attach things like external Monitors, microphones, sound recorders, and follow focus gears. We plan on releasing it the first half of JAN.

Also Because so many JAG user are moving to HDSLRs and they will be needing lenses which unfortunately are so expensive, we have decided to offer 35mm lens rentals at The site will officially be launching later this year as soon as we figure out insurance stuff for all this equipment, we plan on offering EOS lenses and bodies first and then expanding to Nikon lenses and bodies.

We also have started a forum we will post all our ongoing projects and hopefully others will start joining and sharing.


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