LCDVFs will Ship Today!

The most asked question by far this week, has been, when are we going to ship the LCDVFs. Well, as many of you already know, our first shipment hadn't arrived, so we really didn't know when we would be shipping them. We had an idea of when they would arrive, however, it was only a approximation, so we couldn't really say for sure.

We were a bit overwhelmed with the response we got for the LCDVF when the manufacturer officially announced that would be the official North American distributer, and because of this response and a guarantee from the manufacturer to ship them by a certain date, we decided to post them on the site and start selling them. We were surprised to have sold out our first batch within a little bit over a week.

So here we are now two weeks later, all sold out and still hadn't received our first shipment, and we were getting bombarded by both anxious clients waiting to receive their ordered LCDVFs and by clients who still want to purchase one, but the website shows them as sold out. We're happy to announce to all those who already bought one, we received our first shipment today, early enough to package them and get them out with today's mail. You should be receiving a Tracking Number hopefully sometime before the end of today, if not, please be patient with us and you'll have it by morning.

To all those of you who have asked and still haven't had the opportunity to place your order, you'll be happy to know, we have submitted our second order, and should be receiving it hopefully before two weeks from today. We will not have them available on the website, 'till the second shipment has arrived from the manufacturer. If you would like to be notified the second they go on sale on the site again, please submit your email thru our contact form, and you will be notified right away, as soon as they go on sale. What this means is, that when you place your order, we will ship it the same day if you order early enough in the day or next day if you order in the evening.

Here's a link to our contact form where you can place your name and email to our waiting list. CLICK HERE

The LCDVF order page is HERE


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Is this compatible to T2i. Thanks.

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