Flip Your Footage

By Vlad Rojas

I had recently acquired a JAG35ST (thanks Jehu very nice finishing) for my trusty HF20 (and with a ring my HMC150) While am getting my LCD monitor for shooting, I tested the adapter with my tripod no less, and although shooting was a bit challenging, it was not not insurmountably difficult. However the clips become a problem being upside down...

I found a way to batch change the direction of the clips via the MPEG Streamclip, a time saver.
First transfer your clips via FCP log and transfer (if u like me, use an AVCHD camera). Once your clips are up, Close FCP and find the folder where those clips reside. Open stream clip and Batch list the clips. I personally DO NOT LIKE ProREs too stuttery for my taste. Even on my powerful 6gigs of RAM MacBook Pro. I usually go for DVCPROHD.

Once you have got the clips with the right codec and etc, Go to the "Rotation" option and Rotate 180 to destination, you can make a new folder for them.
Transcode to the right side and have a cup of coffee (or tea if you are on the other side of the pond)

Voila, the clips are flipped and you don't have to render NADA on FCP. Some of you may find this useful, maybe some already know, there it is.



Anonymous said...

you know you can also just change your timeline settings from safe to real time and never have to render just for flipping.

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