Still working on the SP!

Yes, the work continues...
As many of you might be aware, a few months ago we released the JAG35SP the first spinner DOF adapter in our line. Initial units sold out quickly, but we only put out a limited amount of units to see how they would do in the field. Because the spinner needs more precise tolerances in the build process to perfectly spin the GG screen, building this design and keeping the cost down is turning out to be challenging....

About 30% of these first unit returned with issues, a small number of them had mechanical issues where the belt would bind or the screen would not spin correctly, but by far the biggest problem users had was the level of noise produced by the unit. This is a big issue if you plan to use the onboard mic to record sound. If you don't plan using the onboard mic then you won't care too much about the noise as the mic is most likely far away from the camera to pick it up.

To improve the sound problems we've looked at reducing the vibrations created by the spinning GG, to do this we decided to send several parts to be produced and milled by a cnc machine. The problem is this process takes time and the first few parts are really expensive so you don't want to have any mistakes on it before sending the drawing to them, so we tend to hold on to that drawing until we can triple check there wont be no mistakes.

So last week I decided to check out the latest design, we still do not have all the parts and are missing maybe the most important one but we still wanted to see how it would do at this point. The GG was having trouble spinning at full speed as the belt was binding on something but after a few minutes of playing with it started working. The noise is still there and we are thinking that the main reason might be the ball bearing we are using, could be that its tolerances are too loose to spin the gg quietly, will keep testing ...... but for now a sample vid.


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