The Makers of Manifest Destiny

By Darrell and Doug Waters

From the beginning, it was all about budget. 7 months ago we knew very little about filmmaking, hi-def video cameras, and especially shallow depth of field. First, we researched video cameras and chose the Canon HV30 after watching videos on Vimeo. With our initial experimentation with the HV30 alone, we were unable to produce the film-like results we were after. Some online research indicated that a DOF adapter would help. The JAG35 line of adapters had, in our opinion, the best "bang for the buck". After discussing our specific needs with the JAG35 staff...we chose the JAG35 Pro. Like most customers, we spent a considerable amount of time shooting common DOF shots to test the adapters capabilities and to familiarize ourselves with the concept of shallow depth of field.
Let us add that a DOF adapter is just one of many tools needed to produce a film-look with video. We achieved the look on Manifest Destiny with the following tools and settings:

Canon HV30: 24P, Halogen WB, TV Mode 1/48, Locked Exposure
JAG35 Pro: Canon FD 50mm 1.8
JES Deinterlacer: Horizontal & Vertical Flip, Inverse Telecine, 23.976 fps
Final Cut Express 4.0: Color Correction, Increased Blacks, Desaturation
Red Giant QuickLooks: Blockbuster setting 60%
Lighting: Halogen Spot and Flood Lights 3200K

After initial setup, we found the JAG35 Pro was very simple to use. Once it was installed on the HV30, all we had to do was focus and we were done. We've received several comments from people who have seen our set that can't believe we shot Manifest Destiny in a garage. This would not have been possible without the JAG35 Pro. It provided an illusion of space within a limited area. Basically, it made all our shots look cool. Jehu and Misa have both been extremely helpful in the production of our first film and we thank them for their continued support. We look forward to using the JAG35 Pro on our future projects. If anyone has any specific questions regarding Manifest Destiny or how we used the JAG35 Pro, feel free to contact us through Vimeo.

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