Interview w/ Darrell & Doug Waters

While working at the Jag35 Headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, I've had the opportunity to talk to a lot of independent filmmakers and a lot of times help out in their production by providing advice on shooting techniques, or helping them acquire the so much sough after film look by using a 35mm adapter. One of these filmmakers that really stood out by putting together a full production of a short film Manifest Destiny using one of our... Jag35Pro adapters, Darrell & Doug Waters gracefully accepted to have us stop by their movie set/garage and gave us an in depth interview about their experiences while working on their short film. It was a very inspiring night for both me and my brother, as we have in the past attempted to shoot our own film, and became very discouraged after we realized how much work it is, and how it's so hard to count on your friends to memorize lines and actually show up to your scheduled shooting days. Learning what Darrell and Doug had to go thru and the obstacles they had to overcome was very interesting to hear and learn from, and I believe other independent filmmakers out there starting out can really benefit from the key ideas where they succeeded. We probably spend about 3 - 4 hours with them, just talking and even then, it seems as if our time was cut short.

For those of you interested. They used a Canon HV30 (about $600) with a Jag35Pro ($300) a very inexpensive tripod on a DIY home built dolly made out of 2X4s and tracks from home depot, they also created an application which via bluetooth controlled the movements of the dolly, which is how they got the steady slow and consistent pan shots. All props where bought online thru ebay, like medical utensils, masks and even alien with guts spilling out. Story and concept was written by Doug and several attempts were made before they reached the final concept. Editing was done by Darrell on an 20" iMac intel 1.8 w/ 2GB of Ram, and soundtrack is all original written and composed by Darrell on Garage Band.

Like I said, we talked a lot and didn't wanna leave, so we couldn't possibly post the full interview, so we narrowed it down to a short clip so we can show you the highlights. Hope you enjoy it.


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Great Interview. Amazing short film.

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