Jag35 Back online!

Lot's of great stuff happening, even though we've been offline for a bit, we got a lot of really cool things coming up. Wanted to again apologize if we took a bit longer to answer all your emails, but I think we finally got all caught up, and we should be back to answering your emails within hours like before. We've been moving to a new location and things have been a bit hectic, while we relocate, plus our trusty DSL Service Provider here in Rancho, left us in the dark for about a week and half, so that really didn't help at all. Either way we're back, and we'll have some great updates for you guys very soon.

Check out the new video edit from the first day of our WEVA Trip to Orlando Florida, we had a ton of footage from the events there and the great people we met while visiting, but with all the stuff happening, we just didn't have the time to get thru any of it. This is just some clips of our trip as we traveled there.


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that's great! I need help with an international order, I'm from Costa Rica, I use paypal but need to ship the jag35 bundle to Doral, FL, but the paypal checkout wont let me, another way would be if you can ship to Costa Rica using USPS express mail or priority and declare value of package like in $100, please if possible, I dont know where to ask this because I dont get answer con "contact us" I want the jag35pro bundle with fd f-1.4

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