Showcasing Jag35 at DVExpo

So much has happened these past few weeks, that I don't even know where to begin. First I want to apologize if your emails haven't been answered in a timely manner, we're working hard to try and catch up with all emails, but missing even a day puts us way behind, now try missing a full week, and then half a week and now already a full day this week. It's been a struggle, but very exciting stuff happening. After we got back from our Florida trip to attend WEVA we quickly prepared for another Trade show, this time closer to us, The DVExpo 09 in Pasadena, CA. We had a great time showing our products to many people, explaining how the adapters work, and most importantly, how affordable it is, most people thought they didn't hear the price correctly the first time, so we found ourselves repeating it over and over again, "Starting at $99".

The great people at Zacuto gave us the opportunity to showcase our adapters at a corner of their booth and it worked out well, we wanted to thank them for that, of course we carry our cameras everywhere we go, so we captured a few stills you can check out below.


Fernando said...

Looks like alot of fun!

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