Bloom's LA meet

As many of you may already know, I am a big fan of Philip Bloom. I have been following his work since early on as i started researching 35mm adapters, and because he has many videos explaining 35mm adapter things, I used to keep up with his updates. Had a chance to meet him at this years NAB show back in april, and got to see him at work a month later when he shot a video to introduce panasonic's GH1.

Then in September we had a chance to hang out and hear the F-Stop conference in Orlando FL at the WEVA convention. At this time we also had to chance to shoot the behind the scenes for the F-stop Academy's 7D video trainnig DVD

So this past week Mr. Philip Bloom was back in SO CAL so we caught up with him in Venice beach and we had a chance to hang out, chat and meet other Bloom fans and friends, including Rodney Charters ASC, DP of the tv show 24. All in all there was about 30 of us that showed up, had a great time meeting new people and we even got to shoot a little video that I'd like to share with you.

David Alrich from shot this video while there:

Philip Shot this the following day, a fourth of his "People" series:

One of the guys there had his rig that included a giroscope to help stabilize it. You can info on it here


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