Holiday Specials

Lots of you have been asking if we plan on having any holiday specials. So we have decided to offer a limited edition Static adapter. We are practically giving it away as its the cheapest adapter you can buy, anywhere. You can't even buy the parts for the price were offering it. How can we do this you ask?
Well because we have been doing this for a while and our designs have changed, then some of the parts of previous designs were no longer needed so they sat in a box collecting dust. So instead of discarting them we though we would put them to good use, there is nothing wrong with those parts apart from not working with current designs of our adapter line. All optics are new and these have never been used before so your not getting a second hand adapter here or one that does not perform better than production units, it just looks a little different on the outside. One advantage I would like to mention is that this limited edition static is the first to be offered in an EF mount, so if you are one of the many that are starting to move VDSLRs then EOS lenses might alredy be in your camera bag, so why not put them to use with your video camera?

These will be produced on a limited basis, We only have enough parts to make around 100 of them, and we will be offering them on Friday Nov. 27 and in the month of December. We are not sure how long they will last but once gone then the price of the static will go back up to normal. The limited Edition JAG35ST will be selling for $69 + S&H and you can find it here:

*Note: We got a message from one of our clients that tried using the Jag35ST Limited Edition w/ his Canon HFs100 model camera. After testing this ourselves, we realized that the Canon HFs series is design a little different than most other cameras, and since the lens sits far back in the barrel, our Limited Edition Jag35 adapter won't work with this setup. Our Regular Jag35ST adapter works fine, but not the Limited Edition. Sorry we didn't catch this earlier.


Vladimir Rojas said...

Hey Jehu, I just came up with an idea, why don't you guys offer the ST Special edition signed by Phillip Bloom and/or Tom Guillmette. :-)

Hehe, Happy holidays to all of you.



Vladimir Rojas said...

Misa, Jehu guys should come up with the SPECIAL EDITION JAG ST signed by Phillip Bloom. Haha just joking.

Glad you guys are doing good!

Saludos de florida


ruben perez said...

tienes problemas con tu page jehu ? por que no he podido ver las ofertas de navidad que ofreces para este año? ne podrias enviar algun catalogo porfavor a mi correo por que la web esta como mala no sale la info y me reenvia a otras webs

Connor Nishijima said...

or maybe signed by JEHU THE GUY THAT MAKES THEM?? haha :D i just wanna say thank you for the awesome service, man. You keep your cool and stay professional whenever people pester you about shipments! I bought the student package on Sunday and I'm more than excited! It's our first 35mm adapter for the rig :D one question - is a condenser the same thing as an achromat?

Connor Nishijima said...

Hey, sorry about the duplicate posts - after I published the first comment it wouldn't show up within ten minutes so I tried some more. I guess patience is key. :D Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

So is there any difference between this holiday special version and the regular jAG35ST?? Other than price of course :)

Connor Nishijima said...

It just uses parts from older versions of the Jag35ST. As Jehu claims, "the optics are new and these have never been used before so your not getting a second hand adapter here or one that does not perform better than production units, it just looks a little different on the outside." The only difference is cosmetic - It will still perform at the same level as the newer model. I have seen footage with these older models and it is of the exact same quality. :D lol I bought the regular ST two hours before this was posted! XD damn.

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