One Size fits-all Lens Gears

We have been offering a nice little product called the D|Focus, which is basically the most affordable follow focus system out there, starting at $100. It's a great fit with our very affordable Jag35 adapters because of the price. However, one of the things we lacked was a Lens Gear Solution to go with this system. There's a few lens gears out there, but we found a couple of problems with most solutions. Price mainly, and flexibility.

Design by Dave came up with an amazing little design that fixed most issues we had with other lens gears. A one size fits all gear that utilizes interchangeable tension legs to firmly grip any size lens.

The design consists of a one size gear which ships with multiple length interchangeable contact legs that will fit any lens at any diameter all the way up to the bigger 400mm lenses.

As an on going trend for us here at Jag35, we continue to provide affordable solution for aspiring filmmakers, so we'd like to offer these at the very affordable price of $30 which will include all the different size contact legs.

They are on sale now, and have started shipping this week. CLICK HERE
For the story behind how Dave came up with his design read his blog here

Video on how to set it up:


Kristoffer Engholm Aabo (Denmark) said...

Great! Just great! No more worries about new lenses to fit the JAG35 setup! Thanks :)

Unknown said...

hi i wrote something in ur contact on but dosent get any anwser yet pls check it =)

i would like to buy the bundle but look...

Admin said...

@Oliver All contact form questions that come in today have been answered.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Guess you used the wrong legs on the carl zeiss lens... the rubberband looks a little bit overstretched. It fits a lot better in the video! ;)

Misa Garcia said...

Yeah, I meant to change that Picture, but I just haven't had the chance to. I even took the new picture already, just haven't off load it from the memory card yet. It's been a busy month!

Anonymous said...

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