Removing aperture click out of FD lenses

A while ago i came across a tutorial on how to remove the aperture clicking out of your fd lenses, this makes them more suitable for video work, almost like a cinema lens.

Click here if you can't view above


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a video online that uses a lens showing this type of free aperture movement?

I was not aware that cinema lenses don't have a clicking aperture, and I'm not too sure what the benefit is.


Anonymous said...

One of the Tomb Raider movies has a shot of a statue on a desk as the aperture is pulled across the whole range smoothly, while the exposure is compensated in post--what results is a very neat change of shallow to deep depth of field. That's just one example I can think of.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous =D

Anonymous said...

Check out "Paranoid Park" shot by Christopher Doyle, there's a lot of smooth aperture pulling involved for stylistic purposes.

Anonymous said...

The video link no longer seems to exist. Can you post another?

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