What Happened to the Spinner?

I thought i give you guys an update on the spinner, Last we saw of it was here in this thread back in august, thats 4 months ago.
It seems like ages, because so many things have happened, we've been so busy. But things are finally falling to place here in our new location. So work on the spinner picks up again, and with good progress too, At this point we have completely redesigned it to simplify it and eliminate so many of the problems it had. At the top of the list was noise and vibration. Because the old design used an off center motor and pulleys and a belt drive eliminating noise and vibration turned out to be harder than we though.

We were fortunate enough to find a smaller motor that now will allow us to directly mount the gg into it, all without changing the overall size of the adapter, which by the way its as small as it can be.

Also to further eliminate the noise we decided to mill a custom aluminum case for it, which will also add strenght to the structural integrity, and it will make for a more pro looking device.

Originally we thought of just making a rectangular case but because we are making it from scratch we decided to give it a design that would better work. This is how it currently looks like:

So the spinner is alive, and looking better than ever, and the good news is that we plan on pricing it very very competitively, as it will most likely be the last 35mm adapter that we design. Who knows where this whole HDSLR revolution will take us, and we dont really know how many and for how long you guys will remain loyal to the old 35mm adapter. But as long as the interest exists we will have a jag35 for you.


Just got the Newly and freshly machined parts for the JAG35sp V2, they look awesome, only a few adjustments and we will be ordering a production run. I am happy to say that it's looking like we'll be able to keep its price $300ish.

Jan 28 Update
Parts for first 50 units arrive!! Exciting times.


Unknown said...

I would love to see comparison tests with same lenses on Jag35Pro vs SP as soon as you can!

Luke Dejoras said...

I think no matter how far the HDSLR revolution takes us, there will always be a never ending amount of people with plain old video cameras looking for the film look that your adapters provide at such a great price.

Anonymous said...


I would be more than glad to buy that new version of 35mm adapter !!

Are you usre the noise is not part of the video anymore ?

Will it be 58mm filters ready ?

When do you think it will be available ?

Jerry Wickham said...

I am also very happy to hear about that. So how much of the motor sound is still present? I imagine a spinner is less noisy than a vibrating mechanism. I would be interested in knowing a ballpark figure of planned pricing, but I know it is too soon for that. Great work!

Anonymous said...

how about backfocus adjustment? Would love to get this when it ships!

Jehu said...

Back focus will be as easy to adjust as turning a screw, 3 actually, using an allen wrench.

Kenneth said...

Any idea when the spinner approx will be ready to ship?

Unknown said...

Im ready for this to ship too.
Do you have an update?

Jehu said...

Mid to late Febuary, will be shipping first 50 V2

Anonymous said...

when will you start taking orders on the spinner?

Misa Garcia said...

We're not gonna start taking pre-orders. However, we are starting an email list, as soon as we start offering thru the site, you'll be notified thru an email, feel free to submit your email on our new Jag35SP Page:

Anonymous said...

Still nothing? the link is also broken :(

jehu Garcia said...

Currently testing, here are latest examples: http://www.vimeo.com/10432227

Unknown said...

I'm still pretty sold on this.
So i have an HV20 and an external monitor, how much would the rest of this rig cost?

Jehu said...

Rods= $199
D|focus= $130
Jag35SP= $375
Monitor= $80

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