No More 43mm Achromats

Well as we mentioned before, we are coming to the end of our 43mm Achromat Batch, and don’t say we didn’t warn you, but we are now all Sold out. If you have a 43mm Threaded Camera, your current options are, to get a Jag35E which only comes with 43mm thread, or get one of the last remaining 37mm threaded Jag35Pro adapters and use a 43mm to 37mm step down ring. We are currently working on ordering custom manufactured achromat lenses. Another option is to get the XL Optics and use a step down ring from either 62mm or 72mm to your cameras thread. We will keep you posted, as soon as we’re ready to start shipping the 43mm Jag35Pro again. Don’t forget to subscribe to our News Feed.


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