Custom Achromats!

We are coming to the end of our stash of Achromats we had purchased and are currently using on our JAGPro model. Turns out the achromats we use are the same focal lengh as the commonly used Opteka lenses. Thats 95mm FL, the only difference is that ours are 55mm diameter and optekas are 40mm.

We are currently working to order custom made optics but they might not be ready before we run out of our current stock of achromats so if you have been thinking of ordering a pro for your 43 or 37mm threaded camera, now might be a good time to order before they are all gone. We will be offering the pro with the 62 and 72mm achromats in the time between the old and new achromats but those are more expensive so if your looking to save you have to hurry.


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