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So it’s the end of the day on Monday. I’ve pretty much spend my full day, answering emails, and I gotta say, about 70% of the questions I received today, was: “When will you ship my order?”. Now I like to take the time to answer everyone’s questions personally, however, I gotta say, it’s become redundant, I would hate to have an auto-responder, to handle my email, but I might be at that point. I mean, I probably could have shipped some of those customers orders, if I wasn’t stuck at my computer answering all those questions all day. Anyway, in all honesty, every order I receive I treat it as a Rushed order, and as long as I have all the parts needed to ship the order, I process it and get it on it’s way, so please don’t think I’m just sitting here holding on to orders for fun. It just isn’t the case, I will ship ‘em as fast as I possibly can. I’m on a constant struggle to get caught up and get you your adapters as fast as possible. Thanks for understanding.


Unknown said...

A short email with tracking information would silence a lot of those queries.

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