Mail Orders Only!

This is another one of those emails I answer about 20 times daily. I understand you guys all wanna save a few bucks on shipping, and I can appreciate that. I wish I could help you out, but I just can’t do it at this moment. I’m working out of my home, and I’m just not set up to have customers stopping by all day. I used to do it when I first started, ‘till it got out of hand, and I couldn’t get any work done, because I had too many clients just hanging out waiting around for their order to be ready. This is one of the reasons why I only accept Mail Orders. Also, to be fair to everyone, I process all orders as they come in, in the order they come in. I can’t just drop my list of orders, and take care of your stuff, just cause you happen to live next door to me, (believe me, this has happened) Anyway, just wanted to make sure you guys know why I don’t accept any drop or pick ups from local clients. It’s not just because I’m a jerk or don’t wanna meet you guys. Thanks for being so understanding about this.


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