Finally The Canon HF-S10

This camera is awesome, it seems that it is the perfect camera for use with depth of field adapters. Why? Well, its small and light, so even after adding an adapter and a lens its still small enough to carry it everywhere. The threads are a whopping 58mm which in my opinion will handle the stress of the weight better than smaller diameter threads. Also the the focus wheel is perfect and super precise, when you set the focus to manual and you turn the focus wheel the cameras lcd will show you a zoomed portion of the frame and it will automatically turn on focus assist. After you find precise focus it goes back to normal, this might be nothing new and something that is found on other cameras but its new to me and I love it, works just like charm when setting back focus. Another thing its cool is that it has the joystick used to navigate the menus on the LCD which works better with the flip hack as commands work normally and are not inverted, like the case with hv cameras that have this joystick on the cameras body. Other than that, picture quality improvement over HVs is apparent from the first moment you look at that higher resolution LCD. Even though i’m not crazy about AVCHD I think this camera will be a Hit and i highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

will the jag35 work in the multi auto mode [ video/photo] of this hfs10?

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