All About Achromats

Another common question we get: What are the Achromats for and how do they help my image?

While the use of achromats in the DOF adapters is not always necessary, they do greatly improve your Jag35 picture, for a couple of reasons, 1) It helps reduce Chromatic Aberration 2) It gives you better control of Barrel Distortion & Vigentting. First, let's talk about what the achromat is....

What is an Achromat?
The Achromat is a high quality macro lens, it's job is to help your camcorder focus on extremely close objects, the reason it's called an achromat, is because it's a two element lens, made up of two different types of glass, this is done to fix chromatic aberrations or CA.

What is Chromat Aberration?
CA is the rainbow effect you see on high contrast images towards the edges of the picture, commonly the first color you'll come across is purple, photographers call this aberration purple fringing, which makes your image look a bit blurred or like there's other colors bleeding out around the edges, while using an achromat on our Jag35 adapters, this color is minimized and turns the purple to a more yellow tint, which tends to look better on the footage. All our Jag35Pro adapters include a 40mm achromat, which will work on your 37mm, 43mm & 58mm threaded cameras.

Barrel Distortion & Vignetting?
Another reason for using the achromat on our adapters, and our reasoning for offering it as an upgrade for your Jag35ST and Jag35E model adapters, is because it also helps control your vignetting. Since the achromat gives you better focus on close objects, you're able to zoom in past the vignetty edges, and barrel distortion areas, giving you a better image all around.

Achromats for Prosumer Cameras?
When using our Jag35 adapters on bigger prosumer cameras, sometimes the Achromat is not a luxury to help give you a better picture, but a necessity in order to allow you to focus on the GG Focusing Screen. A lot of times the bigger prosumer cameras, don't have the macro abilities that some of the consumer cameras have, because of this, we always suggest you get a bigger achromat for your prosumer cameras, with bigger thread sizes, like for example, the 62mm, 72mm, 77mm or even 82mm. For these cameras, we do offer the 62mm achromat, and 72mm achromat, which then you can use step rings to reach your desired thread size for your camera.


Anonymous said...

I am still getting CA even with the Achromat on my Jag35 Pro. Is there anything I could do?

Anonymous said...


I just ordered a jag35st last oct. 12, 2009
and is there a way to add an achromat in my order without charging me another shipping cost.. I hope you could help me with this.. cause 40dollars is a big money for me.

Paypal transaction ID

Thanks in advance!

Kenneth Morgan Nieto

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the jag35 in low temperatures? I live in a country where now is -10 C ..dont know whats that in fahrenheit.. but its COLD! Does it work?

Jakub Panik said...

I shot with it in -20 C (-4 F) in mountains. So i think if your camera will work you're good to go.

blake said...


Im a bit confused on how an acromatic lens helps against vignetting.
Is it simply that it works like a macro and thereby allow you to zoom further into the ground glass?
or will it eliminate the vignetting without a further zoom?

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