HVX200 and the JAG35Pro

So we have been offering larger Optics for the bigger cameras out there for a while now and because we deal with canon cameras so much here, we decided to develop and test our XL optics on the popular XHA1 first, but at the top of our list are other popular cameras like Sony’s HVR-V1U, EX1 and EX3, Panasonic’s DVX100, HMC150 and HVX200 among others.

But because we have been so busy lately, this process has been much slower than we would like it to be, So at this time we have confirmed compatibility with the following models: XHA1, VX2000, DVX100B, and today we are happy to add the HVX200 to the list. Along with confirmed compatibility we also add it to the Hack list and will now accept orders for the Flip Hack. This Hack is a little bit different in that it needs 2 switches for it to work, one for Vertical and the other for Horizontal. Usually the two circuits can be combined to one switch but not on this camera. Here you can see both switches.


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lets see some more test footage!

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