Panasonic HVX200 + Jag35Pro

We've been getting a lot of request to post some footage with some prosumer cameras, this has been a constant questions for a while now, so I wanted to apologize for not getting something up sooner. The truth is, we've really just been so swamped with orders and answering emails, that we haven't had much of an opportunity to test out gear and create more test video clips. We're preparing ourselves and hopefully allocating some time to the right tasks, and hoping that this will give us the opportunity to start posting more videos and blog entries. So finally here's a quick test with a prosumer camera.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Panasonic HVX200, you know the one with the P2 Cards. I only had the camera for a few hours, as it was one of our clients that had sent it in for a flip hack, and since it was the first time we had done a hack on an HVX200 model, we wanted to tested it out and make sure it works correctly. Also, we hadn't had the opportunity to test out our Jag35Pro with this model camera before. We do own a DVX100, so I was a bit familiar with the controls, which allowed me to quickly capture some decent footage. We noticed that while setting up the Jag35Pro w/ a 72mm achromat, it was much easier to zoom past the vignetty barrel edges, and keep the focus on the GG Screen, the macro focus isn't as bad as on the Canon XH-A1, which made us very happy, and very easy to set up the Jag35Pro on this camera.

Now about the quick test Video. We've had some family visiting over from Texas this summer, so I've been spending some time with my nephew Kevin working on some projects of interest, so as I was doing my tests, I decided to use him as a test subject in order to get a different range of test shots. Here's the footage we captured in the short hours we had to test this HVX200.


ERICK said...

hay kevin was cool and he could also do backflips thats awesome just dont try again so close to the floor i mean dont hirt youreself person i have never ment wink wink by the the HVX200 WORKED LIKE MAGIC keep on filmin jag 35

kevingarcia said...

best editing ever! cool shots to hard to focus on moving objects with that camera.

Abe Duenas said...

I should be getting my jagpro soon, I plan on using it with a Sony HDR-SR12. If anyone wants sample footage let me know.

Misa Garcia said...

Would love to see some of your sample footage Abe. Join our Jag35 Users Group on vimeo and share with the community:

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