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I wanted to take a little bit of time to explain the differences of some of our Jag35 Products, since it's one of those questions we still continue to answer on a daily basis. Keep in mind that I will only be talking about the currently available adapters on our website, which means I will only be talking about the Jag35ST, Jag35E, Jag35Pro & the Jag35XL.

The Jag35ST is our most affordable adapter we offer, starting at $99 it's quickly becoming one of our most popular adapters. It features a Static 5 micron ground glass focusing screen, and also includes a condensing PCX lens element which helps to reduce the Vignetting commonly found on most DOF Adapters. We only offer this model with a Canon FD Mount or a Nikon Mount so you will only be able to mount your Old FD Lenses or Nikon Lenses, which is the lenses we recommend you use for shooting with DOF Adapters. We offer this model in two different common thread sizes, 37mm and 43mm, which should work with most camcorders, if you have a 58mm thread you should be able to use it with a 58mm to 43mm step down ring. You can see videos shot with the Jag35ST adapter by clicking here.

The Jag35E is a more affordable alternative to the Jag35Pro. The basic and more obvious difference from this to the Jag35ST is the Vibrating 5m ground glass focusing screen. The vibrations of the screen, help reduce the screen grain found on static focusing screens. This model also features the condensing PCX lens element to reduce vignetting. It is only offered with an FD Mount or a Nikon Mount, same as the Jag35ST. It also comes in both the common 37mm and 43mm thread for use with most consumer cameras. This model ships with a charger so you can charge the included rechargeable batteries inside, which are replaceable. You can see a video shot with this model adapter by clicking here.

The Jag35Pro is by far our most popular adapter we offer, it's the original product, and we've gotten the best results from this model. The main difference that distinguishes this model from the rest is the Achromatic double Lens element which great reduces chromatic aberrations, vignetting and barrel distortion. Another difference from the Jag35E is the significantly longer battery life of the included battery pack, which of course also comes with a charger and included replaceable rechargeable batteries. One of the other differences with this model is the options. It is the most versatile DOF adapter out there, allowing you to use it with small consumer cameras, and with an interchangeable achromat option, you can use the same adapter with your bigger prosumer cameras as well, if you use the XL Optics of course. This model is offered in 37mm, 43mm and 58mm for most consumer cameras, as well as 62mm and 72mm for the most common prosumer cameras. Also when it comes time to choosing the which lenses you will use with it, you have the ability to pick either Canon FD or EF Mounts, or the optional Nikon or Pentax M42 Mount. So as you can see it's almost overwhelming how many options you get with the Jag35Pro model. You can see videos shot with this adapter by clicking here.

The Jag35XL has been discontinued at this moment, it was originally designed for bigger prosumer cameras, 62mm or 72mm threaded for example, however since it's possible to use the Jag35Pro with the same optics at a more affordable price, we suggest you use the Jag35Pro instead. We use these filter threads simply because they are among the most common filter thread diameters out there, but in reality, you should know, for the most part you can use it with any thread size close to this and just use step rings to reach the desired thread size. So the obvious difference with the Jag35XL is, it is only offered with a 62mm and 72mm threads, with bigger achromats of course to work with your bigger camera lenses. All the same options other than that apply as the Jag35Pro, except for one more feature only available on the Jag35XL, interchangeable Lens Mounts. With the Jag35XL, you can use different Lens Mounts. So for example if you have both Canon and Nikon lenses, you can use both by simply changing the mounts on this adapter. We have different lens mounts available thru our accessories page. The other differences are minor. The batteries on this adapter are inside the main tube, so there's no need for a battery box. Other than that, the optics are pretty much the same as the Jag35Pro, so your image quality should be the same, of course only dependent on your camera and lenses you use. You can see videos shot with this adapter by clicking here.

I'm hoping that this might clear it up for you guys a little bit, I hope I didn't confuse you more, either way, feel free to post with any questions which might help to clear up a few more of your doubts or questions. Anything I might have missed, free to add as a comment. Thanks for reading.

- Misa


abraham said...

ok, this info was very useful. why isnt anybody else commenting?

Manuel said...

Because we would like to see samples using prosumer cameras and they have not posted yet for long time

Misa Garcia said...

Just finished an edit shot with a HVX200 and a Jag35Pro check it out when you get the chance: full blog entry coming soon!

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