What Lenses Should you use!

A lot of people have been asking about what lenses I like to use on my Jag35 setup, or what lenses I suggest they use with the their new Jag35 product. Well there’s really no one right way to answer this. I guess there’s a couple of different things to consider. 1) Price is definitely something you need to consider, since buyin’ lenses can get real expensive real quick. I like the Canon FD lenses, because they are older lenses and are easier to find used less expensive ones online either on eBay or other sites like this. 2) Type of Shoots you’ll be doing is another thing to consider. Any shoots where you can’t control your lighting, then you want the faster lenses. I like the Canon FD 50mm f1.2, which is best for most situations, of course this lense can be pretty expensive, the alternative to this would be the f1.4 or f.1.8 which are still good choices, and can still be purchases fairly inexpensive. 3) A lot of people have been asking why chose FD over EF. Well the simple answer to this, is EF is a newer mount, which means EF lenses are Automatic. When shooting with a DOF Adapter, you need to be able to adjust all your settings like focus and aperture on your lens manually, for this Reason FD Lenses are the best choice, most FD lenses are older, therefore they are Manual Lenses. 4) Another common question is about using Zoom Lenses with your Adapter. This can be done, however, keep in mind that Zoom lenses are very slow, so shooting under the right conditions with a Zoom, you should be fine, not recommended for every type of situation.

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