1K buyer, wins an f-stop seat!

It is now Tuesday Sept. 1st and we're already at 976 adapters, so we're getting closer and closer to selling our 1000th adapter. We're very excited about this and we feel the support from you guys, thanks a lot to all of you for this. Also, we wanted to announce, that in addition to giving away a full rig along with the 1000th adapter sold, our good friend from the UK, Philip Bloom, has offered a free Seat to his upcoming F-Stop Academy workshop, which is hosted by Philip Bloom himself along with co-founder Dennis Lennie, in this workshops, they focus on showing you how to achieve the film look, with different techniques and tools. The New F-Stop Academy workshops is gearing up and will be traveling all over, so if your the 1000th Jag35 Adapter buyer, the F-Stop Academy is offering up a free seat to you, when it comes to a city near you.

"This is a seminar for anyone using digital video cameras at either enthusiast or professional level. Whether you own a DOF Adapter or not we will teach you the correct techniques needed to create the elusive 'film look' using your existing video camera. The intensive 3 hour seminar covers everything from an analysis of the most popular DOF adaptor technologies to correct camera set up and post production techniques."

Click Here to read more about the F-Stop Academy workshops.
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Adam, a video producer from the UK recorded the following clip of the F-stop academy.


Erick said...

awesome can't wait to see who wins !

Hunter Boone said...

Hope it's me! I'm purchasing my new Jag35Pro in the next month

Misa Garcia said...

Next month?!?! We'll probably be at 1000 by Monday or Tuesday cuz of the holiday!

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