Trying EF lenses on a JAG35

So we decided to have some fun today and try some of our new EF lenses on the JAG35pro to see how they would do. We used a canon HF-s10 and for lenses we tried the 16-35mm f2.8 and the popular 70-200mm f2.8 IS. We also try a few new configurations with our support kits like the c-mount, these have a modular design and the combinations are endless so if you were to get a kit for your consumer camcorder now and later move up to a pro-sumer model or a DSLR you could still use the same parts to make a kit for it.

Here the c-mount is being used in conjunction with a monopod to shoot some extremely low angle shots.

Here on these pictures you can see the c-mount being used for its other purpose, to mount your camcorder upside down to prevent you from having to flip your footage at your NLE.

So whats the deal with EF lenses? Well as you might already be aware they are automatic, and even though you will be able to manual focus them, you will not be able to control the aperture while using them on a 35mm adapter, except on one high end model made by "Red Rock". So the work around is to use an SLR body to set the aperture, lock it then, then use it on your DOF adapter. Here is a good video showing you how to do this: EF lenses on 35mm adapter
Video coming soon...


Unknown said...

Do you think the C-mount has enough vertical clearance to add Canon's LANC connector?

Zeiss Contax-to-EF adaptors are pretty common, & those C/Y lenses will give you complete manual aperture control.


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