Jag35 Battery Chargers

Today I wanted to talk about the battery chargers. We've gotten a couple of questions lately about these, and it appears that people in other countries aren't realizing that the battery chargers that come with the Jag35Pro and the Jag35E Adapters will only work with 120VAC. Made for use in the US only.

The Charger has a 3/32” jack at the end of a 3’ long cable, Will work to charge all JAG35 adapters. - IT IS NOT A SMART CHARGER. It won’t recognize different voltages, will only work with 120VAC.

Here's the specs:
input- 120VAC 60Hz 3W
Output- 3VDC 100 mA

If you live in another country you will need to get a power converter, you can do a search on ebay for these.
Or if you'd like to try and find a charger that works on your country, you just have to make sure the output is the same 3VDC 100 mA on a 2.5mm phono connector with tip being negative(-) and ring being positive (+)

Feel free to post any questions you might have about this below.


Bernardo Pellegrini said...

What about charge time for a Jag35Pro?

Misa Garcia said...

It takes 4 hour to charge the batteries fully.

Anonymous said...

this may sound silly but, will the battery charge in either the on or off switch?

Admin said...

When working correctly, the batteries should charge when plugged in, while in any position. Of course, this will probably take longer to fully charge the batteries.

visarrr said...

I'm in France and I have a problem, I've done the first 4hours Charge and it works perfectly for a few days but when I want to charge a second time my Jag, there is no light on the LED and I've no ibration now. What kind of converter I've to buy for France and how can I know if my charger still work.


Jehu said...

Visarrr you probably burned your charger, if you only used a plug converter that only physically allows you to connect it to the wall but does not convert the power to 110Vac then the charger most likely does not work anymore. You need to use the voltage step down 220-110v converters like the ones on the link.

visarrr said...

Thank you Jehu,

My charger is burned for sure, it's because or that's why I'm french (LOL). Ok, then...
Can I have informations about the price with shipping for a new one. I'm sure that some frenchies customers will take order soon...
If you make me a good price for the charger. ;)

Thank You


Lee said...

Will this work for the UK?


Misa Garcia said...

Hi Visarrr,

You can find new chargers on our site on this page: http://web.me.com/jehug/Products/DIY.html

Hi Lee, That one on ebay will do the trick.

Lee said...

Thank you.x

Misa Garcia said...


You can get a new battery charger from our website at this page: http://web.me.com/jehug/Products/DIY.html


That converter from ebay should do the trick, thanks for sharing that link.

Lee said...

I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

1. How long should I charge the JAG35Pro for (for it to be fully charged)?
2. How long should the battery last when fully charged?
3. If I leave it on charge will it over charge? Is this bad?

Many thanks

Camera Accessories said...

It is today that I came to know that JAG35 chargers will only work in the US and making it work at other places will require an extra connector. Thank you for providing the information and the link to buy a charger.

Jesús Elnota said...

Hi, i´m from Spain. It´s about the charger. In Spain we have to use 220v and i search my best adaptor in ebay. I think this works.
Ac Power 110v-120 to 220v-240v VOltage converter.
it´s ok?

Anonymous said...


is there any way to change the batteries of my jag35e they don´t charge any more and their is no vibration but when the charger is connected.

battery said...

Thank for sharing the information and the link to buy a charger.

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