We have a Winner!!

So selling 1000 adapters is a big deal for us here at JAG35. Thats why we decided to give some prizes away to whoever was the lucky buyer. The sale came in Sep 7, 2009 09:32:56 for a jag35pro bundle.
The buyer: David Saldaña from Hormigueros, Puerto Rico

An amazing coincidence is that I have a good friend here in california that goes by the same name David Saldaña, and at first i thought I was being played a joke on by him!! But no the winner is real, and we would like to say, Congratulations .

And a big thanks to every one of our clients that has made this possible.

David will receive the following:
Jag35 support rods
D|Focus w marking plate
Lens gear
Jag35 T-shirt
Free seat at F-stop Academy coming to a city near you


Joshua Teodoro said...

dang! i ordered mine a day late any chance of a 1001 prize? :)

Unknown said...

Apparently I was 45 minutes late. Too bad! Hope also there is a 1001 prize :)

Anonymous said...

ACME JACK SPARROW HERE i must be #1001
I Came in at 09:45:01 PDT.
Oh well either way i got an awesome JAG35 pro Shrigg coming my way!!

all the best,

Jehu said...

You indeed were 1001 Richard, missed it by 13 minutes.

Unknown said...

Hey Jehu,
If you looked closely I'd decided on ordering a few hours before him and I'd commented on the JAG35 ST bundle whether it can be shipped quickly!

Waiting for your response delayed it! I can't believe I lost out on the big prize just like that!! Damn!!

Misa Garcia said...

Immy.... So close!

Kristoffer Engholm Aabo (Denmark) said...

Hi there!
I've been wondering for a while now.. what kind of support rods are you guys selling from you site? Any brand or name? or is it your own construction?

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