Dealing with "Rolling Shutter"

While twittering i came across a video from panasonic that shows how to effectively work around the rolling shutter effect called "SKEW" of CMOS chips found on many video cameras like the popular hv20/30/40 and dslr cameras like the 5DMKII and the soon to be released 7D from canon. The video shows many ways to fix this and the strobing problem that occurs in "flash banding" when photographic camera flash goes off during captured footage. Many thanks to Anthony Burokas (IEBAcom) for twittering this video, Its a little funny how Panasonic makes it seem like rolling shutter is a creative asset or a feature but there are helpful things in there.

Video: Click Here or watch below!

Here is another video for a plug in that helps fix the rolling shutter effect:


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